Win the Sports Trophy!

From mid-October to mid-December and from mid-February to mid-April, the programme features a different sports discipline almost every week - usually on Wednesday afternoons. Each tournament has a winner and points are awarded depending on performances. The student association with the highest total score across the 10 disciplines and with at least 4 participations in the tournaments wins the Sports Trophy and the accompanying cash prize of € 250!

Recurring disciplines include the 12-hour race, the swimming marathon, volleyball, basketball, football, futsal (indoor football), a racketlon (badminton, table tennis, tennis and squash), archery tag and dodge ball. The Sports Council chooses, plans and organises the 10 tournaments.

Would you like to participate with the student association of your faculty, region or area of interest? Simply apply and the sports leader of your student association will contact you when putting together the team.