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First steps on the job market

With a master of Biomedical Engineering, you have ample possibilities of finding a job in Flanders, Belgium, Europe or around the world in industry, hospitals, health care, universities and research institutes, in government positions and many more.

The biomedical engineer is versatile and multi-disciplinary, and thus employable in a variety of positions:

  • PhD-student at a university or at a large industry R&D-department.
  • Product manager or project leader in an (R&D-) industry.
  • Medical physics engineer in a hospital.
  • Government/public health.
  • Consultancy in a wide range of functions, from product design to safety regulations.
  • Notified bodies, Regulatory Affairs Managers, screening new products for a CE-mark, patent offices...
  • Health insurance, improving health care and controlling costs.
  • Any job requiring the traditional analytical and organizational skills of the academically trained engineer (general consultancy jobs, top functions in administration, banking sector..

What have you learnt?

You'll be an all-round expert

In VUBโ€™s masterโ€™s course, youโ€™ll acquire an all-round expertise: the knowledge and skills from all fields of biomedical engineering, so that when you finish the programme, you can work as a generalist or specialist in one particular field. You'll be trained in the fundamentals of current biomedical engineering and gain a thorough knowledge of the basic concepts, along with an overview of the main applications used in various fields of biomedical engineering: medical imaging, medical signal processing, medical physics, medical device technology, tissue engineering, biomaterials and more. In addition, youโ€™ll acquire the necessary research skills that will allow you to independently analyse and solve problems, with an emphasis on permanent learning in this ever-changing domain.

You'll put theory into practice

There's no need to wait until you graduate to get a glimpse of the industrial and social environment youโ€™re being trained to work in. Opt for an internship, and youโ€™ll spend around 40 days in a company or hospital locally or internationally. Youโ€™ll be able to put theory into practice while learning different aspects of the environment that might have escaped traditional education methods. The ultimate goal of this internship is to encourage critical reflection on your studies. Internships last six weeks, and represent 6 credits, more information here.

Further study

Lifelong learning options at VUB

What professions will it allow you to enter?

As a biomedical engineer you can work for a wide range of companies. Learn more about the job market:

  • MedTech Belgium
  • MedTech Flanders
  • LifeTech Brussels


Our alumni tell to what jobs this diploma leads...

  • Matthijs Sevenois | Medical physics expert

    "The medical physics trajectory in the Master of Biomedical Engineering enabled me to participate in the postgraduate to become a medical physics expert. In my opinion, the appealing side is that you can specialize in medical physics while still acquiring a strong fundamental knowledge in the biomedical engineering field. This means all of your options remain open, whether you decide to further specialize or not."

  • Eric Invers Rubio | Superior technician in radiation protection

    "When I applied for the master, I was hoping to focus on the radiation branch of the biomedical engineering field while still gaining more knowledge on the broad sense of the field, in order not to forget and to go deeper into what I learned during my bachelor. With the elective courses and the master's thesis topic I chose, thatโ€™s exactly what I found. Thanks to the experience and expertise I gained during the master it was not difficult to find the job I wanted and currently have. As a superior technician in radiation protection, Iโ€™m involved in quality control and radiation protection services for clients like the nuclear medicine and radiotherapy departments of hospitals and other industries that use radioactive materials.โ€


Other career stories from former students

Are you aware that VUB sometimes looks for biomedical engineers?

That's right! You can build an exciting and meaningful career as a biomedical engineer or specialist in technology and the medical field here at your alma mater. As a large organisation we look for very diverse profiles.

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So, besides strengthening your position on the labour market, a VUB diploma gives you a network you can build on to realise your professional ambitions and make a difference in the world. Do you need more reasons? We list more below for you.

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  • Our continuing education - Society and the labour market are constantly on the move. Our continuing education courses keep your knowledge and skills relevant. For a lifetime.

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