TIP: might you prefer to take fewer courses?

Would you like to take one or more individual courses, through personal interest or to further your education, rather than the entire programme? This is entirely possible. You opt for a credit contract and earn a credit certificate afterwards.

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About lifelong learning

Why continue studying alongside your job?

For the professional, a degree does more than launch you into the labour market with a good education. In your future profession you may choose to continue your studies because you want to send your career in a new direction, brush up on your knowledge and skills or pursue a long-held dream. A smart move, because it maintains your professional relevance on tomorrow's labour market. In short, lifelong learning is not a myth, but keeps you sustainably employable in today's society, a commitment that shows your investment in a better world!

Why, as a professional, choose a course of study at VUB?

For many reasons. We, for example, were one of the first universities to invest fully in lifelong learning. Nowhere else in Belgium will you find as as wide a range of job-compatible programmes:

  • basic evening class courses
  • postgraduate courses
  • permanent training courses
  • miro-credentials
  • study days and lectures

We want to maximise all our students' chances of success. And that means yours. By providing a personalised study pathway and study support through every phase of your career.

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