Kotcoach Tino Cooman

Meet Kotcoach Tino!

Study together? Datenight? A workshop on repairing your clothes? Through a number of fun initiatives, by and for students, Kotcoach Tino will stimulate you and your fellow students to turn your housing unit into a welcoming mini community.

You can also call on Kotcoach Tino if you need a chat. He might refer you to the right type of support when you need some help, if there is a conflict in your housing unit or in case of inappropriate or transgressive behaviour.

Attention: Kotcoach Tino is only available to students who live in VUB-housing
Questions about rooms, rent and other practical inquiries? Contact Student Housing.

+32 474 56 65 30 kotcoach@vub.beFacebook Instagram Linktree

What does the kotcoach do?


Living closely together isn't always as easy or fun as you'd think. Individual responsibilities gets lost in the anonymity of the group, and frustrations are bound to arise at some point.  
Confrontation isn't always easy, and it can be a tough balancing act to keep your dormmates accountable while also keeping the atmosphere homely. Tino can help calling everyone to the table, unifying different needs, and translating the struggles of the dorm into concrete agreements. 


Throughout the year the kotcoach organizes a healthy mix of activities for dorm students, the ideal moment to get to know rest of community. Quizzes, karaokes, museum visits, you name it! Some activities are specific to the dorm, others will be open for all dorms and take place on campus or even in the city! 

A listening ear

Struggling with yourself or others, and not sure where to turn to? Dealing with a specific problem that you don't know how to start tackling? The kotcoach can help you on your journey and direct you to the right people or services, both inside or outside of the VUB.

Community projects 

Tino sets up different projects around the dorm based on the feedback of students. A grasp from the current running initiatives: 

Library games 
The kotcoach has a selection of games you can go borrow in library. Dormmate not doing his dishes? Take revenge during a game of UNO!

Kot and room of the month
Every month one unit (kot of the month) and one room (room of the month) get put in the spotlight. Winners are typically selected based on dorm decoration, dorm games, or other characteristics that make them stand out. Of course, the winner gets a prize! Nominate your own unit by sending the kotcoach a message and convince him why you deserve to win.

Community pantry 
A place for you to leave stuff you no longer need and make someone else happy with it in return. Definitely have a look before buying an entire new set of silverware. Want to give away food instead? The kotcoach runs the VUB foodsharing platform on Facebook and Instagram

The kotcoach keeps track of the different student houses and how well they take on the challenges during activities and projects. Only one can be the best and run away with the yearly trophy and prize!  

Your role in the dorm 

Maybe you have a kotcoach feeling inside of you as well? Community projects only get their footing if they're carried by the community. In the same breath, student volunteers help increase the amount of dorm activities. 

Feeling inspired to take up a role, big or small? Whether it’s hosting a karaoke, stocking a communal pantry or breathing life into your own ideas? Send the kotcoach a message!