Create the transformation to a peaceful society with PeaceJam!

Are you someone who believes in world peace and wants to protect it? Do you want to make an essential contribution to peace education? Do you want to make a difference not only nationally but on an international level? And do you want to be inspired by winners of the Nobel Peace Prize? Then the PeaceJam project is for you!

PeaceJam is an international project about peace education that was established 21 years ago. The Belgian version involves four universities: KU Leuven, UCLouvain, ULB and VUB. Since it was founded in 1996, PeaceJam has given teachers, youth workers and active young people the tools and methods to make a difference. The project offers children and young people from 39 countries education programmes, to train them to become future leaders who are committed to positive change.


As a member of PeaceJam, you’ll organise three important things. First, PeaceJam holds an annual conference. One of the 14 Nobel Peace Prize winners who sits on the PeaceJam board is invited to the conference to enter into dialogue with young people. Young people are tomorrow’s citizens of peace and inspiring them is particularly important. Thanks to this gathering, they experience the wisdom, perseverance and vigour of the Nobel Prize winner. The project also aims to set up peace cells, in which committed students work on the organisation and leadership of the PeaceJam. This peace cell also helps with peace education, and spreads the Billion Acts movement. These are thoughtful actions that spread peace in the community, a school, business or organisation. They are designed to influence one of more of the Billion Acts Issue Areas that are critical to creating world peace. All these projects ensure that, as a member of PeaceJam, you’re a real changemaker. A changemaker who protects world peace, passes it on and inspires other people. So don’t wait, take part! Then we can work together for a better and more peaceful future.

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You are…

  • A VUBer who wants to be a real changemaker
  • Someone who believes in peace and wants to protect it
  • A team player

You have…

  • Good knowledge of English

What’s in it for you

  • Global citizenship
  • Spreading peace
  • Courses and training on peace communication and education