Dalilla Hermans lecture series

For five weeks, on Friday from 3 pm to 5 pm, Dalilla Hermans* teaches at our university about (anti-)racism. This is the very first interdisciplinary series of lessons on this theme at a Flemish university! You determined the topic of each class during the online event on the 12th of November. Are you a VUB student and do you want to gain insight on this topic? Register here on Canvas. Your engagement contributes to the fight against racism. Dalilla is ready to welcome her first students!

The lecture series of Dalilla Hermans, Friday from 3pm to 5pm, English:

  • 23rd April: Safe spaces
  • 30th April: Representation
  • 7th May: Cultural appropriation
  • 14th May: Institutional racism
  • 21st May: Activism

*Who is Dalilla Hermans? Dalilla is a Belgian woman of Rwandan descent. She is known as one of the most important figures in the Flemish anti-racism debate and her contribution to our society. She is a writer, a columnist for "De Standaard", a theater maker, an activist, a VUB Fellow, and soon your new teacher!

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