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You can get to the VUB Health Campus in Jette by bike, public transport and car. You can reach the centre of Brussels, the capital of Europe, in less than 20 minutes by public transport. An overview of the different ways to get to the VUB can be found via the directions below and on the multimodal access plan.

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On foot

Consult the campus map to find your way on foot on and around the VUB Health Campus. Walking is also the most practical way to get around in Brussels and the ideal way to explore the city.

By bike

Brussels is building a network of cycling routes so that cyclists can get around safely. The surroundings of the campus were completely redeveloped with great attention to pedestrians and cyclists. You can use the Brussels route planner to find the fastest or safest cycling route in Brussels. To commute easily from Flanders, you can use the cycle highways.

On the campus map, you will find an overview of bike racks spread across the campus. At the entrance of the Agora (Building R) you find the biggest bike parking. There is a Villo! station on Dikke-Beuklaan where you can take a bike with a subscription or ticket and return it to another Villo! station of your choice. Tip: the train station of Jette also has a Villo!-stand.

Here you can find more information on cycling to the VUB and in Brussels.

By tram or bus

The campus is well served by tram 9 and buses from De Lijn and MIVB. An overview of the stops next to the campus can be found on the access plan.

Detailed timetables and route planner

Plan your trip to the VUB with the route planner of MIVB and De Lijn.

Overview of the lines with a stop next to the campus
  Line Trajectory Connections
MIVB Tram 9 Simonis - UZ Brussel - Koning Boudewijn Metro in Simonis and Koning Boudewijn
MIVB Bus 13 Zwarte Vijvers - UZ-VUB Metro in Simonis
MIVB Bus 14 Noordstation - UZ-VUB Station Jette
MIVB Bus 88 De Brouckère - UZ-VUB Station Jette
De Lijn Bus 245 Dendermonde - UZ Brussel - Noordstation Station Buggenhout and Noodstation
De Lijn Bus 810 Halle - Ruisbroek - Dilbeek - UZ-VUB Stations Lot, Dilbeek and Zellik
De Lijn Bus 820 Zaventem Airport - Vilvoorde - UZ/VUB Heizel, station Vilvoorde and airport

By train

You can get to the campus via train stations Jette, Brussels North, Brussels South (Midi) and Vilvoorde.

Via Jette station

Jette station is served by both intercity and suburban S-trains. From the station, you can reach the campus by a 20-minute walk, a 10-minute bike ride (e.g., on a Villo!-bike) or MIVB buses 14 and 88 (towards UZ-VUB).

Via Brussels North

MIVB bus 14 will take you from Brussels North station to the campus in about 30 minutes.

Via Brussels South

Take metro line 2 (towards Simonis) or metro line 6 (towards Koning Boudewijn) from Brussels South station to Simonis and change to tram 9 (towards Koning Boudewijn) until the stop UZ Brussel.

Via Vilvoorde

From Antwerp and Mechelen, you can get off the train in Vilvoorde and take De Lijn bus 820 (to UZ-VUB).

Detailed timetables and route planner

Plan your trip to VUB with the route planner of the NMBS.

By car

Visitors and suppliers

Visitors and suppliers can request access by car to the campus via this link. You can get to the VUB Health Campus via the Ring R0. Take exit 9-Jette and merge onto Dikke-Beuklaan. From Dikke-Beuklaan, follow signalisation towards VUB onto Laarbeeklaan and take entrance 4 into the Brussels Health Campus. There are several car parks on site.

Staff and students

Consult the intranet for more information on access by car for staff and students.


Parking regulations apply on campus: make sure you park your car correctly! As user of our road and parking facilities, you agree that the highway code and parking regulations apply.

Low Emission Zone

Pay attention! The campus is located in the low emission zone (LEZ) of the Brussels Capital Region (BCR). If you come by car, check here whether your vehicle is allowed to drive in the LEZ. Your vehicle doesn’t meet the access criteria for the LEZ? Then you can buy a day pass. Vehicles registered abroad must register for the LEZ unless they are registered in the Netherlands.

By air

From Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is located about 15km from the VUB Health Campus. There is a direct bus connection from Brussels Airport to the VUB Health Campus. Take bus 820 at the airport till the final stop UZ-VUB on the campus.

From Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Brussels South Charleroi Airport is located about 50km from Brussels. Shuttle bus connections are operated between the airport and Brussels South (Midi) railway station. From Brussels South (Midi) you can take metro line 2 (towards Simonis) or metro line 6 (towards Koning Boudewijn) to Simonis and change to tram 9 (towards Koning Boudewijn) until the stop UZ Brussel.

Plan your route

Get to know the public transport schedules viaβ€―SNCB routeplanner (train), (metro), (bus).

More information can also be found on the websites of Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

An open campus for all

As VUB, we swear by values such as openness and connectedness. Our campuses are therefore freely accessible to our students, staff and visitors. In this way we emphasise our open character as a free university and at the same time strengthen our bond with the city of Brussels and its residents. As everywhere in public spaces, certain rules do apply – this way campus life remains pleasant for everyone.

Get to know our rules and regulations