Objectives and actions

We translate the well-being policy into operational objectives and concrete actions. Here is a summary of what we want to do:

  • We set up 3 different consultation bodies on well-being: a students' working group, a staff working group, and a researchers' network. The Academic Advisor Well-being maintains an overview. We agree on a communication protocol between the different consultative bodies to improve the efficiency of information transfer and communication.  
  • We are working on a knowledge platform on well-being where people can go to improve their well-being. 
  • We create awareness about the social relevance of well-being aspects and about transgressive behaviour. We draw attention to the function and operation of our hotline. We also focus on improving interpersonal skills. 
  • We are developing a data-driven well-being policy, without losing sight of the humanistic aspect.  In this way, we can measure and communicate aspects of well-being.  
  • We are committed to interdisciplinary research on well-being and regularly evaluate which aspects of well-being we want to investigate further. 
  • We strengthen the prevention and assistance services for students and staff and apply a transparent and high-performance HR policy. We provide a more individualised career path for our staff and strive for a welcoming policy and inclusive infrastructure. 

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