The sports infrastructure at the VUB Brussels Engineering, Sciences & Humanities campus consists of a swimming pool (25 meters sports pool + instruction pool), an athletics track with fit o meters, multisport halls/courts(indoor & outdoor) and a fitness (Basic Fit).

The VUB sports infrastructure is accessible to everyone but VUB / EHB students, VUB staff and partners * with a sports card can use these extensive sports facilities at very attractive rates.

Swimming pool

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Multisport halls/courts

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Athlectics track

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Reservation and renting

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Our renewed swimming pool has a 25 m sports pool, a 13 x 7 m instruction pool with an adjustable bottem floor, 4 group-, 25 individual and 5 family changing rooms.

Thanks to the presence of 2 pools, a lot more possibilities can now be offered since the renovation.
So you can not only go for swimming laps but also for aqua fit lessons or to teach your child (ren) to swim through the VUB swimming school Swimove.

Individual swimmers and families are welcome during the public swimming hours.
! The small swimming pool for family swimming is only open on Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm!

Opening hours public swimming
Monday - Friday noon - 2 pm
Monday - Thursday 5 - 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 - 2 pm

To access the pool you can buy a day ticket or charge your sports card with 10.20 or 50 swimming sessions.
! The purchase of a single session can be done with a bankcard at the ticket kiosk at the entrance of the swimming pool. The purchase of a sports card and charging it with multiple sessions (10, 20 or 50) takes place at the reception of the sports department. Thereafter the swimming cards can also be reloaded at the ticket kiosk.

Prices Swimming pool VUB/EHB Partners* All others
1 session € 4.10 € 4.10 € 4.10
10 sessions € 33.80 € 35 € 37
20 sessions € 63.50 € 66 € 70
50 sessions € 147.40 € 156 € 166

  • * partners = VUB alumni, Basic Fit members and students ISB (International School of Brussels)     
  • the swimming cards are personal and therefore can not be shared with more than one person
  • the sessions on the card remain valid indefinitely
  • the lockers in the pool can be closed with the swimming card or the day ticket. A coin is therefore not necessary.

Multisport halls/courts

The indoor sports infrastructure in the VUB sports complex comprises 2 large multisport halls (can be divided into 3 smaller halls), 2 squash boxes and a martial arts room. Outdoor, the VUB has two artificial grass areas: a large one for field football and rugby and a second - smaller omnisport area for tennis and football.

Renting a sports hall or sports court is possible with reservation and payment at the reception of the sports department. A maximum of 3 separate reservations can be made. If you want to make more than 3 reservations, you first have to make an online request.

Rates sporthalls/courts VUB/EHB Partners* All others
1/3 hall/court € 8.70 (off peak)/15.20 (peak) € 15.20 € 29.80
3/3 hall/court € 26.00 (off peak)/ 32.00 (peak) € 32.00 € 60.40
martial arts room € 8.70(off peak)/ 15.20(peak) € 15.20€ 29.80
squash court €6.50(off peak)/ 12.50 (peak) € 12.50 € 23.50

  • Partners * = VUB alumni     
  • prices are per hour     
  • Off-peak hours = 8 - 12 h & 14 - 17 h     
  • Peak hours = 12 - 14 h & 17 - 22 h     
  • 1/3 hall/court suitable for volleyball, basketball, tennis, ...     
  • 3/3 hall/court suitable for futsal, handball.

Athletics track

To access the athletics track for jogging, the sports card needs to be charged with jogging sessions. Each entry to the track is considered as 1 session. The jogging sessions on the sports card remain valid indefinitely. The track is accessible 24 / 24h, 7 days a week.

Prices jogging sessions VUB/EHB Partners* All others
10 jogging sessions € 11.90 € 12.70 € 14
20 jogging sessions € 21.60 € 23.10 € 26
!! For every purchase of a jogging card € 1 goes to our pro-rector Paul De Knop fund for Immunotherapy!!

  • *Partners = VUB alumni

Fit o meter

Did you know that a fit o meter course was built outside the fence of the athletics track, which is also completely free to use? The fit o meter is a 500 meter long walking or walking course around the VUB athletics track with 8 practice stations on the way. Instruction boards at the various stations indicate which exercises you can perform. You can complete the course on 3 levels: green (beginner), blue (good basic condition) or red (advanced athlete).

If you want a full-fledged / general training in which the 5 basic characteristics - strength, agility, coordination, speed and execution - are addressed, choose your level and complete the fit o meter. In total you will do 16 different exercises, 2 per practice station. Between 2 stations you can walk, jog or walk at your own pace.

Reservation and renting

To rent VUB sports infrastructure (sports halls/courts) on the Etterbeek campus, you must reserve in advance! Reservation and payment (cash & bancontact) always takes place at the reception of the sports department, from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm.

You can reserve up to 3 times maximum in advance. If you wish to reserve more than 3 consecutive dates, you must first submit an online application. After approval and allocation, a user agreement is then drawn up.
Reservations on Friday evening and/or during the weekend must always be booked and paid before 5 pm on Friday.
Caution! During the weekend (from Friday 5 pm) the "All others" rate applies to everyone.


Read here the terms and conditions for reservation and use of the VUB sportsfacilities

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Check here the availability of the VUB sports infrastructure

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Students of the VUB or EHB can take advantage of basic fit(ness) at both Etterbeek campus and Jette campus.

As a VUB and EHB student, staff or alumni, you receive up to 50% discount when purchasing a full-option annual membership with Basic Fit. Once the membership card has been purchased in the club at Campus Etterbeek or at the Brussels Health Campus in Jette, you can go to all European clubs of Basic Fit.
For € 155 / year (+ € 25 entry costs at start-up) you can enjoy the following services: access to fitness room, participation in both virtual and live group lessons, free sports drinks, use changing rooms and showers, access to all clubs of the fitness chain, family card ( your family members may also use the card at times when you do not use it yourself) and a basic program for strength, figure or fitness training.
More information about locations and modalities can be found on www.basic-fit.be.