Is Business Engineering: Business & Technology for you?

Want to know if you are suited to the master in Business Engineering: Business & Technology programme? See the information and activities below to find out.

What does this programme involve?

IT, innovation and an international flavour? That’s the Solvay master of Business & Technology in a nutshell. Armed with the ability to bridge the gap between diverse professions in the work field, plus valuable contacts from the Solvay Business School and Alumni network you’ll have every opportunity to build a successful career.

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Who better to tell you about the programme than our own students?

  • Asli Irem Orgun| Former student

    "VUB has provided me with an international environment where I could meet a lot of new people. I have made new international friends with who I learn, study, discuss, travel, eat, drink and enjoy together."

  • Michiel de Dekker | Former student

    "During the programme, I further developed my business knowledge of strategy, finance, marketing, and management while also acquiring technological insights and skills. Furthermore, both worlds collided to teach students how business impacts technology and vice versa. The programme balanced both elements perfectly with great support and guidance from the academic staff. "

  • Emmelien De Roock | Former student

    "The programme offered a good mixture of courses, mostly focused on technology from a business perspective. Our group consisted of Belgian and international students from all over the world, which for me felt like going on Erasmus in my own country."


What is the difference with a master in International Business?

In this two-year international master there is no focus on the technological aspect. Instead you'll learn more about international economics, trade, finance and social aspects (Corporate Social responsibility). In the second module, you can personalise your specialisation with electives.


What is the difference with a master in Handelsingenieur?

In this two-year Dutch-taught master there is the same focus on business and technology through compulsory courses and specialisation tracks in module 1 and 2. Since this programme is in Dutch, the students are that diverse and international as in the master in Business & Technology programme.


Why study at the VUB?

Studying at VUB gives you more than a diploma. You learn to view the world with an open mind and without prejudice. You hone your critical thinking, and you learn to express your opinion. You commit not just to study, but to participate in meaningful social projects that make the world a better place. In short, this is where you shape your identity. Who you are today and want to be tomorrow.

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Spread the study load

Create your own studypath 

Within the VUB, we want to maximize our commitment to personal development and give as many students as possible the opportunity to continue their studies and develop themselves. Depending on your personal situation, it may be more difficult to devote full time to your studies. For example, you combine your studies with a job, you do top-level sports, ...β€― β€― 

Students enrolling for the first time in their bachelor are required to take their model track. An exception can be made. More information can be found on this page.β€―For our other programs (preparation programs, switching master programs, etc ...), this requirement does not apply.β€― 

After your first bachelor year, you can take fewer ECTS-credits. You canβ€―spread your study load over a longer period. If you have a student visa or VUB student room, you have to take at least 54 ECTS credits each academic year!β€―You ALSO have to take into account your growth package, study grants and funds, study progress rules, etc. Do you want some advise? Contact your study path counselor. Need more info?β€― β€― 

Contact the study pathway counselor at your faculty

Study and examination flexibility

Reflex status

Do you have a physical disability, learning disability or chronic illness, or are you starting a business or finding it harder to study because of your personal situation? If so, you qualify for Reflex Status.

With this you can ask for a flexible approach to your studies and exams, to maximise your chances of success. You may need access to course materials, for example, or more time to sit an exam, a translator or interpreter, staggered examinations, and so on.

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Elite sports and studying

Elite sports and study

Keen to combine your elite sporting career with a programme at VUB? It makes sense, as it strengthens your position in the jobs market after your sporting career ends.

Our Elite Sports & Study department helps you work out a personal study pathway and guides you through to the end.

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Studying with a disability

Studying with a functional impairment

Do you have a disability (for example, a learning disability, chronic medical condition, psychiatric or sensory disability)? If so, you qualify for a flexible approach to your studies and exams through Reflex Status, to maximise your chances of success. You may need access to course materials, for example, or more time to sit an exam, a translator or interpreter, staggered examinations, and so on.

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For extra support there are other student services to draw on at VUB. For example, a wheelchair-adapted room, study guidance and a personal study-pathway, mental healthcare, medical care, etc.

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Study Guidance

Study Guidance

An experienced team of student psychologists, student counsellors and study-pathway supervisors are there to give you personal study advice, guidance and training. At every phase in your study career.

  • Individual - Advice on your choice of programme, stress and anxiety training, help with exam planning, help for students with dyslexia...
  • Group (workshops, courses) - Choosing a subject for your bachelor's or master's thesis, learning to present, dealing with stress and anxiety...
  • Tools - An example of good weekly planning, tips and tricks for a good study method, a step plan to help you choose the right programme...

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Combining your studies with a job

The Master in Business Engineering: Business & Technology is a daytime only programme. Therefore, there is no option to combine this study with a fulltime job.

Studying abroad

We offer an international exchange option (mobility window) in the first module, for students who follow the bachelor's degree at VUB (in the Bachelor of Business Economics or Dutch-instructed Bachelor Handelsingenieur). The selection procedure must take place one academic year beforehand, making it difficult for new international master's students to choose this exchange option.

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