Default track

The standard track in the Joint Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (120 ECTS) consists out of 5 modules:

1) Common compulsory courses (56 ECTS)

2) Compulsory/Elective courses in year 1 (4 ECTS)

3) Master Thesis Electronics and IT-Engineering (24 ECTS)

4) Free elective courses and/or an internship (12 ECTS)

5) One compulsory, masterspecific option package (1 set to accomplish out of 3 sets provided, 24 ECTS each)

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Master year 1

Compulsory Courses


You select one elective from two options

Master year 2

Compulsory courses


You choose a total of 12 credits of courses from the following options


Compulsory Option Packages

This module includes three option packages from which you select one

Option 1: Nano-, Opto-electronics and Embedded Systems

Option 2: Information and Communication Technololgy Systems

Option 3: Measuring, Modelling and Control

Total number of ECTS