When can you go on exchange during your studies?

Electrical Engineering students can go on exchange during master year 2 (1st semester or entire academic year) or do an internship for 6 and 10 ECTS.

Application for the exchange happens during the first semester of the academic year prior to the intended exchange period.

Conditions to go on exchange

Following conditions must be met in order to be accepted for an international exchange:

  1. You need to have obtained a bachelor's degree before leaving. When you have to take an exam in second session, the definitive approval will be given after the deliberation in second session.
  2. You have to have obtained a weighted average of at least 65% (only marks achieved in the academic year prior to the year of your exchange will be taken into account).
  3. You need to have passed all registered credits before departure.

All applications will be examined, evaluated and ranked by FACIR.

How to apply for an exchange?

  • Contact your Exchange Coordinator Prof. dr. Adrian Munteanu (+ TIME coordinator when necessary) before 1st semester of academic year prior to the intended exchange period and indicate favorite foreign destination (see list below + the list under "Engineering all study domains") + hand in first overview of study results.
  • Afterwards, you and the exchange coordinator will make a proposal for a Learning Agreement (LA) (study units VUB versus study units foreign host university).
  • You send your final choice(s) and LA to the exchange coordinator before February 15th.

Exchange coordinator

Contact Prof. dr. Adrian Munteanu