Vrouw met faalangst

Fear (of failure)

Are you worried about your studies? Do you automatically think you can't do it? Do you fear you won't pass your exams? Do you focus on what's not going well? These automatic thoughts might indicate you have fear of failure. This can have a negative impact on your well-being as a student.

Do you recognize yourself in the previous description and do you want to do something about it? Get started with the following infographics: 

Recognizing fear of failure  Coping with overthinking Coping with anxietyCoping with procrastinating Challenge your automatic thoughts How NOT to strive for perfectionism What to do in case of a panic attack


Stress! Sometimes it seems like the word is always connected with studying. That's because, as a student, you are often faced with situations that can trigger stress. 

A little stress can sometimes be useful. It sets you in motion to meet a deadline for a task, for example, and gives you a message about what is important to you in life. Too much and prolonged stress can negatively affect how you feel, think and act. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how to manage stress in a healthy way during your studies.

Would you like to know more about exactly how stress works and what you can do about it? Get started with the following infographics:

Establish your balance: energy givers vs. energy takersLearn to recognize your stress signs Do the abdominal breathing for relaxation Tips to help friends with psychological stress 

Vrouw met smiley

Feel good in your own skin

During your life, all kinds of obstacles can come your way, both inside and outside your studies. A good mental and physical health will help you cope with all kinds of obstacles that come your way. Looking for a way to boost your resilience? Or would you like to learn more about certain health topics? Check out the infographics below: 

Psychoeducation: sleep First aid for self-injury Dealing with dark thoughts Dealing with bad news Studying after corona First aid for social skills Balanced exercise Importance of healthy food Dealing with concerns about substance abuse Studying in times of threat and conflict Dealing with griefSubstance use while studyingConnectedness

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