EUTOPIA: inclusive European universities

VUB is part of EUTOPIA, a partnership of ten universities across Europe willing to reinvent themselves and build the university of the future. Connectedness is one of the most important pillars. The educational model of the future will therefore bring together instructors, students and other stakeholders from the EUTOPIA universities. Did you know that the 'I' in EUTOPIA stands for 'inclusive' and that within EUTOPIA we are working very hard to build an inclusive network?

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Actiris wants to be the reference for employers who commit to diversity and shares its expertise with VUB. The diversity consultants of Actiris help draw up an inclusive recruitment and staffing policy, and the communication that goes with it.

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An accessible, inclusive university for all

It is our conviction that everyone is welcome on our campuses, to learn, work, to develop, and to feel good. There is still a great deal of work to be done in that area. That is why we asked an external expert, INTER, in the summer of 2021 to screen the VUB Main Campus and the VUB Health Campus. Can a blind student find their way around on campus? Are the buildings accessible to someone in a wheelchair? Many sore spots were identified during this assessment. Together with the competent VUB services, we will work with the results to make our campuses inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to all.