Our action plan for equality

Inclusion and equality are key elements of our equality policy, which is anchored in our Equality Action Plan 2021-2024.

With the first action plan (2019-2021), we took the first steps towards anchoring the equality policy in our human resources and education policies, drafted a vision text and a code of conduct, took a critical look at the curriculum, did some monitoring to measure progress, organised a wide range of events, and created visibility. Despite the COVID19 pandemic, we started to address issues such as anti-racism, intervention training for bystanders in cases of sexually transgressive behaviour, and training of managers on implicit bias (unconscious judgements).

Our efforts were rewarded by the Brussels Region: we were awarded the diversity label for the implementation of the Equality Action Plan 2019-2021. Equality is also explicitly included in the policy plan of our rector, Caroline Pauwels.

These are our 6 work domains with horizon 2030

  1. A bias-proof recruitment policy and equal opportunities in career development, with attention to a healthy work-life balance.
  2. Bringing anti-racism, decolonisation, and diversity into the classroom and the curriculum, focusing on themes and voices that are currently missing, and critically reflecting on the impact of colonialism on the university.
  3. Supporting students from underrepresented groups in their pathway to academia and the labour market.
  4. Inclusive campuses with an accessible working and learning environment, where everyone is treated with respect.
  5. Community building and participation within VUB and cooperation with external partners around VUB equality policy and the themes of equality, equity, and inclusion.
  6. Knowledge is power. The monitoring of diversity parameters will be continued and expanded.

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Our code of conduct

VUB wants to be an inclusive university. And because that does not happen by itself, we must make agreements among ourselves about what can and cannot be done at VUB. We strive for a good and productive work and study environment, where everyone can get the best out of themselves. This means that we do not tolerate discrimination, disadvantage, or transgressive behaviour on our campuses. To maintain this, we drew up a code of conduct in which we explicitly describe our standards and values on equality. So that it is clear to everyone at VUB what is permissible and what is not.

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