Online launch

A place for exchange, practical support and a platform for groups, organisations and other members of the VUB community working on equality and inclusion, to connect and strengthen them. That’s the aim of the VUB Equality Network (VEN), launched by the VUB Equality Team at an online event in the context of The World Needs You. The VEN aims to connect in a single network all VUB students and staff and all groups who are working towards equality and inclusion at VUB.

Take a listen to VEN member Cheyma explaining VEN's intention.

Recognition, connection, reinforcement

The aim of VEN is to act as a megaphone for the problems and solutions that its members come up with. Through the network we want to connect and support our members, and to co-create VUB’s equality policy. The network connects the various groups, but above all ensures that their important work is seen and heard at the university and has an influence on policy. The network began to grow in response to the discussion about racism, when it became clear there was a need for more voices to have a say on VUB policy.