Why fair-trade coffee?

Not every farmer or trader is paid a fair price for their services. Fair trade helps farmers and workers in developing countries secure a better position in the supply chain, because not every farmer or trader is paid a fair price for their services. This means that they must be able to live from their work and invest in a sustainable future.

Fair-trade organisations fight for:

  • more respect for human rights and the environment in countries where this is often not the case;
  • greater consumer awareness;
  • ethical changes in conventional international trade.
The impact of your fair-trade coffee

By drinking fair-trade coffee at your student digs, restaurant or office, you ensure that:

  • producers get a fair price for their product, which at least covers the production costs;
  • employees receive a fair wage;  
  • soil and water are managed in an environmentally-friendly way, with proper drainage and the use of as few pesticides and artificial fertilisers as possible;
  • organisations commit to assessing their activities and guaranteeing transparency;
  • producers receive a premium that they must spend on social or economic development projects (e.g. education or health).

Where can you buy fair-trade coffee at VUB?

  • All the coffee you buy at or through the VUB restaurant is certified as fair-trade.
  • That is not always the case when buying from external caterers. So be sure to ask.
  • Are you linked to a specific supplier through your coffee machine? Ask them for their fair-trade offer.