Waste ferments as an energy source

The sorting system at the clean-up belt in Etterbeek removes organic waste for biomethanisation. The food waste ferments into methane, which serves as an energy source for heat and electricity. This processing approach is ecologically and economically more efficient than processing food waste as residual waste.

So, by properly sorting your food in the restaurant’s clean-up area, you can help make the student restaurant more sustainable.

Thanks for sorting your waste!

Follow these three simple steps to contribute to this sustainable approach:

  • Before you go to the clean-up area: sort your residual waste (non-recyclable packaging, napkins, salt/pepper bags, ...) and plastic, metal and cartons on your tray and leave your food waste on your plate.
  • In the clean-up area: throw your plastic, metal and cartons in the blue bin and your residual waste in the black bag;
  • At the trolley: also sort your waste when you place your tray on a trolley.

A big thank you from our restaurant team!