Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to maintain your body’s fluid balance. Preferably choose tap water, because it is much better for the environment than bottled water. And it is also kinder on your wallet. You will find water fountains in the restaurants and at the entrances to the main buildings. Taking a refillable drinking bottle to lectures is always a good idea.

Seasonal products

Peas in summer and Brussels sprouts in winter: delicious! Seasonal vegetables travel much shorter distances and are always fresh. The VUB restaurant in Etterbeek always uses fresh seasonal vegetables in its dishes. These seasonal vegetables are marked in bold on the menu. The dessert menu also features seasonal fruit.

Would you like to cook to the rhythm of the seasons?

Discover seasonal products and recipes with Recepten4Seizoenen (Dutch only)

Healthy portions

Vegetables take centre stage in our dishes, because a healthy diet consists of at least 400 grammes of fruit and vegetables a day. A hot meal at the restaurant therefore contains at least 200 grammes of raw vegetables. You can supplement this yourself with fruit and raw vegetables throughout the day.

Tip: you can replace your potatoes/chips for free with a small portion of vegetables from the salad bar.

Organic farm products

The next step in the restaurant’s sustainability project is the use of organic agricultural products. The companies that supply these products use neither artificial fertilisers nor chemical pesticides.