Takeaway drinks: reusable Billie Cups

The VUB restaurants on the Etterbeek and Jette campuses have opted for zero-waste drinks! All hot drinks (coffee, tea, soup) are now served in reusable Billie Cups. On the Etterbeek campus alone, this results in a reduction of 40,000 disposable cups per year. Your cup of tea!

2022_Billie Cup_Duurzaamheid op de campus_VUB

How does it work?

When you order your drink at the coffee counter, we will serve it to you in a reusable Billie Cup. You pay a deposit of 1 euro for the cup. After use, hand in the cup at VUB or any other participating establishment in the network and you will get your deposit of 1 euro back. You can also keep and reuse the cup, which is dishwasher-safe.

You can also buy lids for these Billie Cups that fit all cup sizes. However, these lids cannot be returned for a deposit.

Have your Billie Cup recycled

The cups are very sustainable. If you do break them, you can return them for recycling. However, please note that you will not get your deposit back for damaged cups.

Takeaway meals in Etterbeek: reusable KioBoxes

For takeaway meals too we have said goodbye to single-use packaging. With the introduction of KioBox, the VUB RESTO Etterbeek now provides a fully-fledged alternative to disposable packaging through reusable containers with a deposit scheme. Please remember to bring your own cutlery.

2022_Kio Box_Duurzaamheid op campus_VUB

How does it work?

  • When you choose your takeaway menu at the restaurant, ask for a KioBox.
  • Go to the till and pay the deposit of € 2 or € 3 per container.
  • Enjoy your lunch.
  • The next time you visit the restaurant, bring the cleaned KioBox(es) with you and you will get your deposit back.*
Takeaway and exchanging

* If you want to buy takeaway again on your next visit, first choose your menu and then go to the till to exchange your container. We will always serve your meal in a KioBox that we have cleaned for you. You pay a deposit for each KioBox filled. So please do not fill it yourself. Soup in a KioBox is available from the FISH counter.

Takeaway meals in Jette

Takeaway has always been very popular at the Jette campus. The result: a mountain of single-use plastic and styrofoam. The VUB Resto Jette has stopped using plastic packaging for meals and soup altogether. You are now allowed to take plates and bowls from the VUB restaurant, as long as you bring them back.

Takeaway meals are served in biodegradable packaging. The next step is to eliminate single-use packaging and introduce reusable containers. We are currently investigating various options.

From single-use to sustainable materials

In 2010, we banned all plastic spoons, cups and jars, aluminium bowls, individual sugar packets, and creamer and sauce portions from the restaurant for good. We replaced them with sustainable alternatives such as sauce dispensers, glass sugar bowls, milk jugs, stainless steel teaspoons and porcelain bowls for desserts and fish stews. Other plastic disposables such as coffee cups and stirrers were replaced by alternatives made from sugar-cane waste.