Infradesk is the service desk for all services that fall under the management infrastructure. From here, the requests are sorted and assigned to the different departments and services within the the management infrastructure.

Your requests (via infradesk@vub.ac.be) are processed within the system Ultimo and you will always receive a ticket number. You also have the possibility to monitor the progress of your requests by logging in to Ultimo. 



You can always contact us with questions or if you need information. You can do so by sending an email to infradesk@vub.ac.be or calling 02/629.31.11 (opening hours weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm). Please always mention your ticket number (if available).


The service room management (part of Facility Services) is responsible for the scheduling (with booking software Timetabler) of all non-educational activities, or educational activities with catering, in classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms and conference rooms (with the exception of PC rooms, car parks, outdoor activities etc.).

For the regulations concerning the use/assignment of our premises you can read our classrooms regulations. This contains, among other things, the cleaning rules, prices and cancellation policies.

View this page for tips to plan a successful event at VUB.

Requests and terms

  • Simple application:  1 room for 1 event at 1 time, no preparation time required (3 working days in advance)
  • Combined application: multiple rooms for 1 or more days (10 working days in advance)
  • Extensive activities: a study day for example (1 month in advance)
  • Conferences: send an email to infradesk@vub.ac.be so the availability can be checked. Please note that conferences must be approved internally first.

How to make an application

You can make a request for a room reservation by filling in the reservation form. Below you can find the reservation forms:

It is necessary for the processing of the application that it is as complete and accurate as possible. The form will be automatically sent to the service room management and you will receive a ticket number.

Student associations: more information on MyVub under Infrastructure and events

Staff: You can fill in the reservation form (see link above)

Please note: Your application does not imply the automatic assignment of the desired rooms: applications are handled in chronological order. The fact that you see a room available on our intranet pages does not guarantee the fulfilment of your request. It is possible the room has already been reserved. Some classrooms are also reserved for educational purposes that are booked later.

Overview rooms

The VUB has various options:


Rooms Amount of rooms
QA extended1280 places 1
QA 580 places 1
Aula 300 places 1
Aula 200 places 3
Aula 100 to 172 places 7
Aula 60 to 96 places 11
Rooms 38 to 48 places 37
Rooms 20 to 35 places 19
Rooms 8 to 18 places 7
Reception rooms Number of places
Foyer 100
Nelson Mandela 500
D.2 trappenhal 90
D0 gang naar E + D004 Onthaalbalie 200


You can always contact us with questions or if you need information. You can do so by sending an email to infradesk@vub.ac.be or calling 02/629.31.11 (opening hours weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm). Please always mention your ticket number (if available).


Looking for a suitable space for your event? The U-Residence is the perfect space for a workshop, a company meeting, a conference or a networking event.

The U-Residence has a large room for 120 people with an adjoining polyvalent room (for receptions, coffee breaks, …), 2 smaller rooms for 40 people, a lobby with counter and a warm-up kitchen. The large glass windows provide light and bright spaces.

The rooms are equipped with all modern audio-visual equipment to help your presentations run smoothly (beamer, projection screen, consultation chair, ...). There is also a parking available with 45 places. The spacious lobby, complete with counter, is the ideal setting for a successful reception. Moreover, you can enjoy a fast, wireless connection to the internet everywhere.


Green room:

  • Conference setup max. 120 people (without tables, only chairs)
  • Meeting arrangement in U-shape, 30-45 people (with tables and chairs)

Lobby for receptions, coffee breaks

Polyvalent room for receptions, coffee breaks (max 120 people)

Red room/Black room

  • Conference setup max. 40 people (without tables, only chairs)
  • Meeting room max. 16 to 24 people (with tables and chairs)
Rate IRate IIRate III
Entire conference venuePeriod:250Period:400Period:800160
Day: 700Day:1100Day: 2200
Green roomPeriod:120Period:200Period:40075
Polyvalent roomPeriod:120Period: 200Period:40075
Day:320Day: 540Day: 1000
Green room + Polyvalent roomPeriod:190Period: 300Period:600120
Day:550Day: 850Day: 1700
Red roomPeriod: 50Period:80Period:16050
Day:130Day: 210Day: 430
Black roomPeriod:50Period:80Period:16050
Kitchen Period:20Period:40 40
Garage 45 cars
Rate I = internal, Rate II = VUB related organizations, Rate III = external
period = 08h-01h, 1h–6h and 6u-10h
Cleaning on Saturday x 1.25
Cleaning on Sunday x 1.50


The rooms can be reserved by filling in the reservation form. Do not forget to specify the desired set-up.

If you would like further information or would like to visit the congress centre first, you can send an e-mail to infradesk@vub.ac.be.

Catering is possible via the VUB restaurant (contact: catering@vub.ac.be). It is also possible to choose your own caterer.

Meeting rooms

Web Room Booking is an application where you can book meeting rooms in building M yourself.

What is the advantage? You immediately see the result of your own booking.

Who can book a room via WRB?

Any staff member in building M can be added to this system on simple request to Erwin Van de Velde. Add your VUB NetID in your request.

How do I use WRB?

View the working method.

For a smooth course of bookings, we ask you to use the following tips

Go directly to Web Room Booking

The current academic year 2019-2020 is "ONEVENJR"

Study activities

Via Web Room Booking, students independently have the possibility to book certain classrooms in building D.

For which activities?

  • Group assignments
  • To practice presentations
  • Making exercises together
  • To discuss papers or projects with supervisors or fellow students
  • Focus groups, interviews
  • Other activities that are required for study projects

Make your reservation

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Make a reservation

There is a possibility to stay overnight above the conference venue U-Residence. Keep in mind that this hotel is not operated by the VUB. Reservation of a room can be done via http://www.u-residence.be/. You can contact the management via info@u-residence.be or (+32) 2 647 07 40.

U-Residence rents 64 long-stay studios (12 months) as well as 31 short stay rooms with hotel service (1 night up to 3 months). From a stay of 1 month we speak of mid stay. For inquiries regarding reservations you can contact the management of U-residence via info@u-residence.be.

The price of an overnight stay is 75 euros for a single room and 100 euros for a double. The rooms are equipped with private bathroom, shower and kitchenette. There is Wi-Fi, TV and daily housekeeping. Breakfast is not included, but you can have breakfast in the VUB cafeteria from 7.30am.

Member of the VUB community? You can get a discount voucher.

Seeing as there is a collaboration between U-Residence and the VUB, our university is entitled to several discount vouchers of 15 euros per person per night on the aforementioned prices. These can be requested within a certain framework. Below an overview of the criteria:

In this agreement it has been agreed upon that that our university, V.U.B., is entitled to 3,500 discount vouchers of 15 euro per year at the above-mentioned prices (up to and including 2029). The criteria that give entitlement to a voucher have recently been extended: in case of special circumstances such as a strike,an exam, etc., staff and students can request a discount voucher for accommodation in U-Residence. Below is a complete overview of the criteria that entitles you to discount vouchers:

Who can get a discount voucher?

Infradesk can give vouchers to:

  • By the faculty invited (guest) professors
  • Participants of a conference, symposium, … organized by the faculty
  • External project members appointed by a department/faculty
  • Employees or students who wish to stay overnight in case of special circumstances (strike, exams, ...)
  • In the context of internationalization, vouchers can be given by IRMO, the International Relations and Mobility Office, to:
    • participants from international delegations as part of a visit to our university
    • partners of international projects coordinated by VUB (projects for which IRMO is the central VUB portal)
    • participants in workshops / seminars organized by IRMO, or in collaboration with  third parties (consortium meetings, seminars of the Brussels Diplomatic Academy, UNICA, ...)
    • international students as a transition accommodation on arrival in Brussels
    • activities organized by IES and VECO

How do you apply for one or more vouchers?

The vouchers can be requested by the person in charge of the department/faculty by sending an email to international.relations@vub.ac.be or infradesk@vub.ac.be stating the number of people, date of arrival, date of departure and the reason for the stay. The number of granted vouchers is limited.

How do you use the voucher?

You will receive the voucher by email. You can use it when reserving the room(s) via the site of the U-Residence. Reservations must be paid online during the booking, with bancontact or credit card. Note: in case of cancelation of your online booking there will be no refund provided. Please keep this in mind. Different conditions apply to the reservation of different simultaneously available rooms for groups. You can contact the management of U-Residence for this via info@u-residence.be.

The availability of the room is not guaranteed. The ‘first come, first served’ principle applies. Requesting a voucher and reserving a room in time is the message.

Problems using the voucher code?

In the past, problems were identified with the use of voucher codes via the U-Residence website. If problems should arise, for example when the site blocks, U-Residence will ask you to wait for 1 hour and then try again with the same code (which normally remains usable if not used during an effective payment). This also means that the banking session expires after 1 hour and the booking must be restarted if the payment is not completed on time.

If other problems arise, or application of the above does not solve the problem, it is best to contact the management of U-Residence via info@u-residence.be or (+32) 2 647 07 40.

Via the department AV-services you van request services and material for your event. This must be communicated at least 10 working days before the event via infradesk@vub.ac.be. For an overview of what the VUB can offer in this area, you can consult the information sheet.

You can send an email to infradesk@vub.ac.be for all your questions.



Contact classroom technicians
02/629 27.98