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Biology in the heart of Europe

Biology is by nature a multifaceted science. Global change and the biodiversity crisis? Multidrug-resistant bacteria? These are just a few of the challenges for you as a future biologist. Success depends on an integrative approach, combining elements from different scientific domains. The master of Science in Biology at VUB includes three graduation options, plus a broad range of electives, allowing you to specialise in your research field of interest while maintaining and developing a multidisciplinary scope.

Have you obtained an academic degree (which does not give you direct access) and would you like to start this master's programme? Then you can follow a preparatory programme that is composed 'ad hoc' in cooperation with the study supervisor.


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Master of Science in Biology

Ecology and Biodiversity

Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences

Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystems (Erasmus Mundus, start in Brussels)

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