Admission requirements

As a general rule, every study programme comes with its own set of conditions. You will find all the requirements for your chosen programme by clicking 'admission requirements' under the 'programme' tab.

Which degree is required?

If you don't have a Flemish degree, you will need to submit an online application for permission to study.

For all graduation options except EMMC TROPIMUNDO:

  • If you have a Flemish bachelor's degree in biology, you can enrol directly in the Master in Biology.
  • If you have a different Flemish academic bachelor in science, applied science or life sciences, you will need to contact the Learning Path Counsellor. 
  • If you have a non-Flemish academic bachelor in science, applied science or life sciences, you will need to submit an online application.

Equivalency will be evaluated based on scientific competences and skills of the students by the Master of Biology Steering Committee. 


You can find all information, basic student requirements and the online application tool on the TROPIMUNDO website.

Check the TROPIMUNDO website


Will I need to sit an entrance exam?

You will not need to sit an entrance exam to begin the programme.

Are there any language requirements?

You can provide proof of sufficient knowledge of English as language of instruction by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • successful completion of one of the following language proficiency tests:
    • TOEFL: minimum level 79 for the internet-based test (IBT)
    • IELTS: minimum level academic module 6.5
    • ITACE: minimum level B2
    • Cambridge English Qualification Scale: minimum level 170
  • a diploma of secondary or higher education where English was the language of instruction;
  • successful completion of your secondary education in a Belgian educational establishment.


Are there any other conditions?

No, there are no other conditions to consider when starting the Master in Biology programme.

If you hold a foreign diploma (non-Belgian degree), you have to consider specific administration. Let us guide you through these steps:

Check the most important steps to consider

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