Is the Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management programme what you are looking for?

Want to know if the Master of Science in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management is the right fit for you? Have a look at the information below to find out.

What does this programme involve?

If you want to dive deeper into the complexities of life and processes in aquatic environments, then you have come to the right place! β€˜Oceans & Lakes’ is a unique programme, by offering courses on the science and management of both marine and freshwater environments.  In this programme, you will acquire knowledge of physical, chemical, geological, ecological and societal aspects of aquatic science and management. By studying this multidisciplinary and international master programme, which combines theory with practice, you will have access to a sea of career opportunities in the future. 

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Who better to tell you what this programme is like than the students who've participated?

  • Jane Muteti, program manager, Coastal and Marine Resources Development (COMRED)

    ”The Oceans & Lakes programme blends theoretical and practical courses that help students to learn by doing, thus equipping them with knowledge and skills that are useful in the workplace. I particularly like that the programme brings together students from different cultural backgrounds, providing a wonderful opportunity to appreciate different international perspectives. During my study period, I enjoyed oral exams, presentations, and discussion seminars as they helped build my confidence and communication skills, which come in handy in my current job. As a program manager in the marine space, this programme has contributed immensely to the person I am today and my career growth. I highly recommend the programme to any student who seeks to master and grow their career in marine and lacustrine management.”
  • Alejandro Rojas Aldana, Consultant, UNESCO - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

    ”Oceans and Lakes is an international Master Programme based at three Flemish institutions. It has a multidisciplinary curriculum, and a strong connection with organizations in Flanders and abroad. This gives the Programme the right visibility in areas of scientific research as well as policy making, offering a variety of career paths in for example the United Nations system or in Research Institutions worldwide. When I graduated, I found an opportunity in a multilateral organization which has allowed me to work with Member States in the sustainable management of the ocean, disaster risk reduction in coastal zones, and capacity development of local populations in different regions of the planet. I have to say that I own a lot of gratitude to the staff of this master programme, who supported me in finding this work opportunity after my graduation.”


Why study at the VUB?

Studying at VUB gets you more than a diploma. You learn to view the world with an open mind and without prejudice. You hone your critical thinking, and you learn to express your opinion. You commit not just to study, but to participate in meaningful societal projects that make the world a better place. In short, this is where you shape your identity. Who you are today and want to be tomorrow.

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Create your own studypath 

Within the VUB, we want to maximize our commitment to personal development and give as many students as possible the opportunity to continue their studies and develop themselves. Depending on your personal situation, it may be more difficult to devote full time to your studies. For example, you combine your studies with a job, you do top-level sports, ...β€― β€― 

At VUB you study at your own pace. With a flexible study pathway you make room for your personal situation (elite sports, dyslexia, disability, etc.). More information?

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Study and examination flexibility

Reflex status

Do you have a physical disability, learning disability or chronic illness, or are you starting a business or finding it harder to study because of your personal situation? If so, you qualify for Reflex Status.

With this you can ask for a flexible approach to your studies and exams, to maximise your chances of success. You may need access to course materials, for example, or more time to sit an exam, a translator or interpreter, staggered examinations, and so on.

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Elite sports and studying

Elite sports and study

Keen to combine your elite sporting career with a programme at VUB? It makes sense, as it strengthens your position in the jobs market after your sporting career ends.

Our Elite Sports & Study department helps you work out a personal study pathway and guides you through to the end.

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Studying with a disability

Studying with a functional impairment

Do you have a disability (for example, a learning disability, chronic medical condition, psychiatric or sensory disability)? If so, you qualify for a flexible approach to your studies and exams through Reflex Status, to maximise your chances of success. You may need access to course materials, for example, or more time to sit an exam, a translator or interpreter, staggered examinations, and so on.

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For extra support there are other student services to draw on at VUB. For example, a wheelchair-adapted room, study guidance and a personal study-pathway, mental healthcare, medical care, etc.

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Study Guidance

Study Guidance

An experienced team of student psychologists, student counsellors and study-pathway supervisors are there to give you personal study advice, guidance and training. At every phase in your study career.

  • Individual - Advice on your choice of programme, stress and anxiety training, help with exam planning, help for students with dyslexia...
  • Group (workshops, courses) - Choosing a subject for your bachelor's or master's thesis, learning to present, dealing with stress and anxiety...
  • Tools - An example of good weekly planning, tips and tricks for a good study method, a step plan to help you choose the right programme...

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Combining your studies with a job

The Master of Science in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management is a daytime only programme. Therefore, there is no option to combine this study with a fulltime job.

Studying abroad

A few months abroad?

Want to have a study experience abroad?

It is possible in Oceans & Lakes! The programme, through the three associated universities and the ICP project, has a broad network of international partners and contacts. You can use that network to go abroad for your master thesis or your internship.  You can also complete an Erasmus+ exchange semester in one of our partner institutions, or do an Erasmus+ internship. Or join our Monsoon School which takes place in a different country in the Global South each year!

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