Think critically, think VUB

The DNA of a VUBer consists of a reasonably idiosyncratic hybrid of openness, critical thinking and commitment to people and the world. As an urban engaged university, we want to help you make a difference as an engaged, responsible and critically thinking world citizen. Both inside and outside your study programme, at VUB you will have the opportunity for personal development and to pursue your goals.

We mix that social focus and ambition with great study support and a personal approach. We create a healthy blend of independence and interaction, in-person and online work, individual assignments and cooperation.

At VUB you also study in an international and inspiring learning environment. Our green campuses are located in the heart of Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe.

Studenten nemen selfie op campus in Etterbeek met gebouwen Esplanade op de achtergrond

We Are VUB

Our quality education

A healthy mix of in-person and digital

VUB is a pioneer in digitalisation and innovation. Yet we use a considered blend of in-person and online working, individual and in groups, independent and through interaction. The quality of our education is founded on critical questioning, interaction and debate. Our humanistic inspiration revolves around people. Dealing with others is important, not only online but also in real life. Your professors are leading international scientists with a global network, yet their doors are always open to you. Connections between lecturers, students and subject matter are crucial for VUB.

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Guided independence in your studies

At university, you enjoy a lot of freedom and do a lot on your own. You find your way and organise your own life and studies. This sometimes happens through trial and error, but if you want to, you can fall back on the VUB Study Guidance team.

Our tutors sometimes give you a little push in the right direction, for example in your planning. They work through complex study material with you or practise the subject matter, usually through group activities with fellow students. They are also there when the going gets tough or you go through a difficult period. VUB is the only university with such a strong centrally organised tutoring offer.

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Freedom of thought

Freedom is fundamental to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. And in particular, freedom of thought: the right as humans and scientists to question everything critically, without prejudice.

We do not recognise absolute truths. We study the ever-changing reality according to the principles of free enquiry: free from religion, ideology and worldview, built entirely on scientific methods. At VUB, you will learn how to investigate scientific theses and to ask obvious and less obvious questions. You will leave here with your own vision. Critical thinking skills are a vital asset for a brilliant career and an exciting life.

Based on this belief, VUB is open to everyone, regardless of their religion or worldview. We support all our students to become truly autonomous, responsible and critically thinking world citizens. Equality, openness and tolerance are at the heart of our humanistic vision. At VUB, you will therefore find yourself in an open and caring environment. Whoever you are, however you think, together we are VUB.

Urban engaged university

As an urban engaged university, what matters to us, is how you as an engaged world citizen use your knowledge to make the world a better place. That is why VUB offers opportunities for further personal development inside and outside the study programme. We like to challenge you to choose your own goals, get out into the city and make the most of your student life.

Inside your study programme

VUB offers you the opportunity to take engaged electives, in which you will learn to collaborate, be creative and engage. There are also options relating to sustainable development, trade missions, urbanism and datadriven technology. In the Honours Programme, motivated and outstanding students can join top scientists in reflecting on societal challenges.

Outside your study programme

You can also make a difference outside your classes. The world needs you, and you can volunteer in all sorts of relevant engagement projects.

  • Become a Vubuddy and show new students around
  • Bring out your inner engineer at Fablab
  • Become a tutor and pass on your knowledge
  • Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Then take your first steps via StartLAB.Brussels
  • Passionate about sustainability? Use your green thumb and join Courjette. Or get to know the Green Team.

Our engagement to the world

Furthermore, there are student organisations and initiatives for every interest. At the VUB, students help to decide what happens at their university, at every level. Through our strong student representation, you can develop your leadership skills in practice. Below you will find a selection of our student initiatives and associations:

In the heart of Brussels

Our campuses are located in the middle of our super-diverse, ultra cosmopolitan and multilingual capital.

International career opportunities

It is all happening in Brussels. Politics, activism, company headquarters, celebrations of sporting heroes, rebellious creativity, the pulse of the world. If you study at VUB, you are studying in the heart of Europe. International companies, European institutions, large and small enterprises... The internship and job opportunities are at your fingertips.

Multilingual, diverse and multicultural

Brussels is the ideal place to perfect your multilingualism. But the campus is also teeming with languages. Learn a new language at our language centre, practise at our language tables while sharing lunch or take a class in French at the UniversitΓ© Libre de Bruxelles.

Vibrant student city

Brussels is also simply a vibrant student city. Stroll through the streets around the Bourse and you immediately realise that Brussels is not just cosy, but a hotspot for culture vultures and food-lovers alike. The Ancienne Belgique, the KVS, the Munt, the BOZAR and the Botanique are some of the well-known cultural addresses, but be sure to pay the many small theatres and concert halls a visit as well.

Get to know Brussels, find your own way and make it your new home.

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Internationale ties and ambitions

Not only Brussels, but also our university exudes a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Students from more than 150 countries come to VUB every year. So you do not have to go abroad to get a taste of the world and build an international network. Of course, many students want to do just that, and we want to help you turn your foreign dreams into reality. Every day, we work with higher education institutions in and outside Europe.

We are the proud co-founder of EUTOPIA, an alliance of 10 European partners, and for us the university of tomorrow. International internship and career possibilities are there to be taken, both close to home and over the border.

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Our campus facilities