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Dream of changing the world? Fancy joining an international team of students to tackle the world's social complexities? If you have an open and creative mind, and like to roll up your sleeves, this interactive social sciences programme is ideal: a uniquely diverse and interdisciplinary education in two of Belgium's best universities.

Years one and two

In the first two years, which are spent with the rest of the students, you will receive a broad foundation in sociology, political science and communication studies, during which you will master key research methods such as statistical analysis, interviews, participant observation and content analysis. You will also cover a wide range of theory and practise-based problem-solving skills. Some of the courses are already taught at Ghent University during years one and two. 

Year three

In the third year, you will select a discipline to specialise in: sociology, communication studies or political sciences. Later, you may wish to explore this avenue further in a master's degree. Half of the classes are taught at Ghent University in year three.

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Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences

Default track (module 1 & 2)

Communication Studies (module 3)

Political Sciences (module 3)

Sociology (module 3)

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