Learn how to study

How best to study a particular subject depends on various factors: the examination method, the content of the subject, the expectations of the professor... In short, there's not just one perfect study method. It is therefore normal if you do not immediately find the right method, or if you have a number of questions. In that case, you can follow our workshops where you get useful tips and tricks and can exchange experiences with other students.

Active and strategic studying


Planning? You can do it!

A successful study career starts with good planning. Don't know how to start planning? Is it difficult to find a healthy balance between your studies and your free time? Would you like tips to optimise your planning? 

How to make a good planning

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Academic language

When you study at university, you come into contact with a different language than in everyday life. For example, you will have to write scientific papers. Do you not immediately know how to go about this or do you have a number of questions? In that case, you can read these tips where you will receive useful tips and tricks and can exchange experiences with other students.

Structuring and visualizing your academic text

In addition to the workshops, you can also ask any questions you may have about academic language at the Academisch Language Centre (ACTO). ACTO's tutors can give you advice on spelling, the right choice of words or the structure of your text.

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If you study at university, you will occasionally have to give a presentation or speak in front of a group. Are you already sweating it out or do you have a few questions? Don't worry, the study avisors are ready with advice.

Make a nice presentation


Bachelor's and master's thesis

It sounds a bit cliché, but starting on time is essential. Start your search for a suitable subject in time, and make an appointment with your supervisor as soon as possible. 
Would you like some help and support with those first steps? The study supervisors can help you.  They explain how to start, how to structure your thesis and how to prevent plagiarism. You can also get advice on the correct use of language in an academic context. Also take a look at the Canvas course First help with research problems

Bachelor’s and Master’s Thesis

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Planning well, collecting your notes and making them "study-ready" or getting an exam paper on paper? Our study advisors know how to deal with it.

Depending on the course and the profession, the way of examining can be very different: written, oral, multiple choice... Whatever form the exam takes, good preparation is worth its weight in gold!

Tips for oral exams Tips for written exams

Other topics

You can also work on other themes yourself. You can also use these tools in preparation for your group session or individual appointment to get the most out of them.

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