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What does this programme involve?

Companies play a major part in society. They produce most of the goods and services we consume. Vegetables, video games, vehiclesโ€ฆ almost everything you can imagine is produced by a firm, transported, sold and โ€“ preferably โ€“ recycled. In our Business Economics programme, youโ€™ll discover how businesses operate, by exploring the world of finance & accounting, marketing, management, human resources, and operations. And the world is changing. To survive youโ€™ll need to adapt and make decisions. Good ones. Weโ€™ll show you how. With theory and practice, and a thorough understanding of the economic, social, and legal environments. Turning you into a jack of all trades. Ready for the future. Letโ€™s go!

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Who better to tell you what this programme is like than some of our own students?

  • Sean-Daniel Buddingh  | Alumnus
    "When I started this bachelor, I generally expected to be nurtured into the knowledge and culture of business and entrepreneurship. In the end, I got so much more. Honestly, if you have a desire to grow professionally and gain knowledge that will likely set you apart from your peers later in life, then the Bachelor in Business Economics will get you there so long as you take it seriously."
  • Augusto Galarza | Alumnus
    "I feel like I've acquired a varied amount of knowledge which allowed me to go deeper into different subjects within business and economics. The programme covered a wide array of subjects which has given me flexibility when looking for jobs and further studies. I've been accepted to study a master's programme in Australia."
  • Rene Aparicio | Alumnus
    "I feel that VUB has given me the tools and preparations to tackle the next challenge in my professional career. The Bachelor's in Business Economics degree gives students a well-rounded knowledge and practice in multiple fields of business so that they can stand out as being versatile rather than simply a specialist."
  • Deborah Nkelende | Alumna
    "I started this bachelor's thanks to the diversity of the courses and the many doors it opens for the future. Being interested in a lot of subjects yet unsure about what I really wanted to do, I felt that the Bachelor of Business Economics was the perfect fit for me. I was able to learn a lot of subjects and develop my interests throughout the semesters. The fact that we can take some science courses when choosing for the 'Business & Technology' major is a great added value to the programme."


Test your prior knowledge

We expect you to have a solid prior knowledge of mathematics. Take our optional short online self-test to check whether your math skills are up to par. You should be able to finish these exercises without too much trouble. Struggling with one of the topics? Then be sure to take the time to brush up on your knowledge.
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The same programme in Dutch?

Apart from the language aspect (English vs Dutch), there is the international focus in the courses, the international vibe in the classroom and the third-year specialisation option. However, our TEW bachelor's students are welcome to join the English-taught master's in International Business and vice versa.

What is the difference with a bachelor of Economics?

A Bachelor of Economics focuses on economics and typically contains little or no business courses. Our bachelor of Business Economics combines business and economics: it provides solid foundations in micro- and macroeconomics, a strong background in mathematics and statistics, and courses in most functional fields of business (management & organisations; marketing; finance & accounting; operations). This gives you a broader choice when you graduate, both for graduate programmes and in the job market.

What is the difference with a bachelor in Business Administration?

The bachelor of Business Economics is interdisciplinary: there are strong ties between the economics courses and the functional fields of business. The economics courses are not just service courses, but an essential component in the programme. In this programme, you are exposed to the scientific literature in the field, and prepared to write an academic bachelor's paper. There is a strong emphasis on analytical problem-solving skills (e.g. using mathematical tools). As a result, the bachelor of Business Economics gives you access to a wide range of graduate programmes, including master's programmes in economics and maths-intensive master's programmes in finance. You can expect to acquire better analytical skills than if you choose a Business Administration programme.

Why study at VUB?

Studying at VUB offers you more than a degree. You learn to view the world with an open mind and without prejudice. You hone your critical thinking and you learn to express your opinion. You commit not just to study, but to participate in meaningful social projects that make the world a better place. In short, this is where you shape your identity. Who you are today and want to be tomorrow.

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Spread the study load

Create your own studypath 

Within the VUB, we want to maximize our commitment to personal development and give as many students as possible the opportunity to continue their studies and develop themselves. Depending on your personal situation, it may be more difficult to devote full time to your studies. For example, you combine your studies with a job, you do top-level sports, ...โ€ฏ โ€ฏ 

Students enrolling for the first time in their bachelor are required to take their model track. An exception can be made. More information can be found on this page.โ€ฏFor our other programs (preparation programs, switching master programs, etc ...), this requirement does not apply.โ€ฏ 

After your first bachelor year, you can take fewer ECTS-credits. You canโ€ฏspread your study load over a longer period. If you have a student visa or VUB student room, you have to take at least 54 ECTS credits each academic year!โ€ฏYou ALSO have to take into account your growth package, study grants and funds, study progress rules, etc. Do you want some advise? Contact your study path counselor. Need more info?โ€ฏ โ€ฏ 

Contact the study pathway counselor at your faculty 

Study and examination flexibility

Reflex status

Do you have a physical disability, learning disability or chronic illness, or are you starting a business or finding it harder to study because of your personal situation? If so, you qualify for Reflex Status.

With this you can ask for a flexible approach to your studies and exams, to maximise your chances of success. You may need access to course materials, for example, or more time to sit an exam, a translator or interpreter, staggered examinations, and so on.

Find out more about Reflex Status

Elite sports and studying

Elite sports and study

Keen to combine your elite sporting career with a programme at VUB? It makes sense, as it strengthens your position in the jobs market after your sporting career ends.

Our Elite Sports & Study department helps you work out a personal study pathway and guides you through to the end.

Find out more about elite sports and study at VUB

Studying with a disability

Studying with a functional impairment

Do you have a disability (for example, a learning disability, chronic medical condition, psychiatric or sensory disability)? If so, you qualify for a flexible approach to your studies and exams through Reflex Status, to maximise your chances of success. You may need access to course materials, for example, or more time to sit an exam, a translator or interpreter, staggered examinations, and so on.

Find out more about Reflex Status

For extra support there are other student services to draw on at VUB. For example, a wheelchair-adapted room, study guidance and a personal study-pathway, mental healthcare, medical care, etc.

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Study Guidance

Study Guidance

An experienced team of student psychologists, student counsellors and study-pathway supervisors are there to give you personal study advice, guidance and training. At every phase in your study career.

  • Individual - Advice on your choice of programme, stress and anxiety training, help with exam planning, help for students with dyslexia...
  • Group (workshops, courses) - Choosing a subject for your bachelor's or master's thesis, learning to present, dealing with stress and anxiety...
  • Tools - An example of good weekly planning, tips and tricks for a good study method, a step plan to help you choose the right programme...

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Combining your studies with a job

The bachelor in Business Economics is a daytime programme. Therefore, there is no option to combine this study with a full-time job.

Studying abroad

You can opt to take part in an exchange programme in the third module. Destinations may be within Europe (we have Erasmus+ agreements with 14 countries in Europe) or in the rest of the world. The university has international exchange agreements with universities including Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Vietnam, Japan, Morocco, China, Canada and USA.

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