Standard path versus individual path 

Every VUB course offers a standard path. This is the standard programme, that indicates the most logical sequence of course units to pass the course. For a bachelor’s programme, this amounts to 180 ECTS-credits, divided over 3 academic years of approximately 60 ECTS-credits. For a master's programme, the standard path can amount to 60, 120, 180 or 240 ECTS-credits. 

For a full-time student, a load of 60 study points per academic year is achievable. But many students take fewer course components, due to their personal situation. Or they combine course components from different years. In that case you follow an individual study path, fully tailored to suit you. An individual study path is only possible on the same type of course (bachelor’s, switch programme, preparatory programme or master’s), and in accordance with the sequence of the course components. Moreover, the path is limited to a maximum of 72 ECTS-credits per academic year.  

More information about individual paths

Who qualifies for an individual path?  

At VUB we are fully committed to personal development, and we want to give everyone the chance to keep studying and developing themselves. That is why we have several specific statuses and paths to make it easier for you to obtain a diploma, according to your situation.