Admission requirements

As a general rule, every study programme comes with its own set of conditions. 

Which degree is required?

You'll need a high school degree that allows you to access a bachelor's or undergraduate programme. Some international high school degrees are considered as being equivalent to a Belgian high school degree and grant direct access to any of our bachelor's programmes provided you also meet the language requirements (see below). You can find a list of all equivalent high school degrees here

If your high school degree is not equivalent to a Belgian high school degree , you'll need to send us your high school degree along with your transcripts and a letter of motivation. Our admissions committee will decide whether or not you are eligible to join the programme if you also meet the language requirements (see below). 

What are the language requirements?

We accept the following proofs of English language proficiency:

  • An Belgian high school degree;
  • A certificate from the institution where you finished secondary or higher education, stating that English was the language of instruction;
  • A certificate of one of the following language tests corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference with minimum level B2:
    • TOEFL (only the internet-based test is accepted) with minimum level: 79
    • IELTS academic module, with minimum level: 6.5
    • Cambridge English minimum grade scale score of 170
    • ITACE with minimum level B2
  • Please note that language test results cannot be older than 5 years at the moment of application.
  • You must meet the language requirements before we can accept you. We do not issue letters of acceptance without it.


Are there any other requirements?

Math skills

We expect you to have a solid prior knowledge of mathematics. Take our optional short online self-test to check whether your math skills are up to par. You should be able to finish these exercises without too much trouble. Struggling with one of the topics? Then be sure to take the time to brush up on your knowledge.

What are the required documents?

You'll need to upload the following documents during the online application procedure to start the screening process:

  • Proof of identity (Passport or ID-)
  • Headshot picture 
  • High school degree (official documents, both original and translations)
  • High school transcripts of records (official documents, both original and translations)
    • Only if your degree is not equivalent to a Belgian high school degree
  • Motivational letter
    • Only if your degree is not equivalent to a Belgian high school degree
  • Proof of English language proficiency
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