Advocacy 2.0

In a world where big data is central to innovation, knowledge of data protection, legal, ethical and social issues surrounding the use of AI and the emerging biotech sector (The Augmented Human) is crucial. This programme will help you develop into the 'Lawyer 2.0' that the modern world demands.

After your studies

Students with a background in law and technology will have an advantage in a range of crucial sectors. Beyond legal practice and academic research, this microcredential as a Law and Technology specialisation will pave the way to key professions such as data protection officer in fields ranging from multinational cooperation to hospitals and schools.

One academic year

The programme is organised in two semesters


Each of the three courses consists of 6 credits

VUB Main Campus

Courses are organised on the VUB Main Campus located in Brussels


Microcredentials are short-term courses with a few subjects, expressed in study points (=ECTS credits). Do you want to acquire new, additional competences? Are you looking for updating? Do you need additional training? Then these short courses might be something for you.

In the context of Lifelong Learning, these microcredentials are part of the study offer from the academic year 2021-2022. You can take them in the 1st or 2nd semester, in Dutch or English (depending on the specific offer). After completing the micro-credential, you will receive a certificate.

You enrol to this microcredential via a credit contract

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