When can you go on exchange during your studies?

You can go on an exchange for your research internships in master's year 1 (February - May) or master's year 2 (September - May).

Conditions to go on exchange

You need to have obtained your bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences

How to apply for an exchange?

Contact your exchange coordinator: Prof. Ellen Goossens

Together, you will search and contact research groups working on the topic of your interest. You are absolutely not limited to the destinations listed below. Exchange in Biomedical Sciences is organized under the form of traineeships and can, in theory, be performed in any lab in any country.

Learning Agreement

After your traineeship has been accepted by the partner abroad, you will have to fill in a learning agreement, together with the exchange coordinator and the lab abroad. Take into account that this can take some time! Deadline to submit the completed learning agreement: March 10th (the academic year before your exchange).


Students can apply for the following exchange destinations