When can you go on exchange during your studies?

Students can go on exchange during bachelor year 3 or master year 1.

Application for the exchange happens during the first semester of the academic year prior to the intended exchange period. This applies to:

  • Students in BA2 (or combining BA1 and BA2)
  • Students in BA3 (or combining BA2 and BA3)
  • Students in a bridging programme (‘schakelprogramma’)
  • Students in a preparatory programme (‘voorbereidingsprogramma’)


Conditions to go on exchange

To see if you are eligible to go on exchange (grade-wise & based on acquired ECTS), please contact your Exchange Coordinator.

How to apply for an exchange?


More information about the application process can be found in the following presentations:


Application process

  1. Select your top 3 destinations
  2. Provide the following documents: Letter of motivation, Results of previous years (transcript of records)
  3. Fill out the online form indicating your 3 preferred destinations, also mentioning your study programme (and language module) and study year.
  4. Students who apply for a non-EU destination must email their choice destination (with a backup, EU destination) to exchange.outgoing@vub.be with their exchange coordinator and mobility.lw@vub.be in CC.

When more students apply than the number of places available at a specific destination, the selection will be based on the overall results and letter of motivation.

Application deadline

  • Deadline EU destinations: fill in the online form by 21 December 2023. 
  • Deadline non-EU destinations: email your choice destination and backup before 10 December 2023.

For questions, please get in touch with us on mobility.lw@vub.be 



Exchange coordinator

For more information, don't hesitate to contact your exchange coordinator Prof. dr. Emiliano Acosta.


Destinations in Belgium

Destinations in Germany

Destinations in Slovenia

Destinations in Sweden

Destinations in the Netherlands

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