Get your rubber boots ready by your TV or other screen, because for the third edition of the Soudal Brussels Universities Cyclocross we’re bringing the unique atmosphere of the race direct to the living rooms of our cross-loving VUB community. All you have to do is order the free VUB surprise box – containing all kinds of gadgets for the ultimate cross experience at home – and follow the VUB Facebook event page so you can join the VUB community and share your comments on the cross.

Spread Love Not Disease - *ORDER & WIN*

Because of the corona pandemic, the third edition is going to look very different. It’s no longer on the first Sunday of the new year, but on 14 February, the day of love. So for VUB, the theme of the cyclocross is Spread Love Not Disease. That means the event has to be entirely corona-proof, without losing sight of the warmth and connectedness of the VUB community.

That’s why we launched a VUB cyclocross event page on Facebook, we’re distributing surprise boxes, and we’re giving you the chance to win a set of #WeAreVUB towels. This is how to join in: order your VUB surprise box, take a selfie with the gadgets from the box while you’re watching the cross and share them on social media using the hashtag #VUBcross. We’ll choose 10 entries to win #WeAreVUB towel sets. Ideal for all your sports, with or without a bike.

First cross, than love? Both at the same time of course!

Mark 14 February in your calendar!

Regular fixture

The third edition of the Brussels Universities Cyclocross takes place on 14 February on the grounds of VUB and ULB. Lots of top athletes will be battling it out between the auditoria and across the beautiful greenery of our campuses to take top spot on the podium.

“It’s a great cyclocross that can grow into a regular fixture.” Winner Mathieu Van der Poel was immediately a fan of the Soudal Brussels Universities Cyclocross after the first edition on Sunday 6 January 2019, as part of the X²O Badkamers Trophy. “A technical competition, really a great cross.” The Dutchman backed up his words when he won the second edition with ease.

Corona measures

In compliance with the current corona measures, the Brussels Universities Cyclocross will take place without spectators. A big campaign where VUB and ULB students get free tickets, like the previous years, is therefore not possible. Of course, we hope to see you all back on campus next year, to enjoy this sport event together! 

VUB & top sport

VUB has a long history with sport and top sport. As a university with the first top sports policy for students, we were pioneers. It's not for nothing that over the years we invested heavily in the top sports facilities and support we know today. And that goes further than just the LK faculty. From sports economists to psychologists, who provide better mental resilience, to engineers. Behind many of the VUB's doors, we work on top sport, top sports policy, top performances and top material to achieve the ultimate performance. The Olympic Team NL, for example, collaborates with our sports psychologist Paul Wylleman for good reason.

In case you have any questions regarding this activity, please take a look on the campus accessibility page or contact us by mail. Between 22 December and 11 January these mails will not be answered because of the winter holidays.

The Brussels Universities Cyclocross is the ultimate race of the X²O Bathrooms Trophy consistent performance criterion rankingand will be ridden on Sunday, 14 February 2021.

Below we mention all practical information for VUB staff and students. Are you a participant? Please contact organiser Golazo Sports. 


Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels

Attention: In line with the current corona measures, this event will take place without spectators! Please do not come to the campus on Sunday 14 February. You can follow the race on tv or computer via Sporza (VRT). 


Sunday, 14 February 2021


13h45 Women Elite 

15h00 Men Elite 

No tickets - Live broadcast

Public is not allowed during the Brussels Universities Cyclocross. No tickets will be sold. VUB'ers can order a surprise box and follow the cyclocross live on Sporza (VRT) or Eurosport.


In case you have any more questions, please contact us by mail


A large sports event on-campus means a lot of preparation and inevitably some disturbances. Below, we list the planned preparations and consequences. This will allow everyone to take the necessary measures to minimise the inconvenience. 

During the build-up and dismantling periods, there will be more logistical activity on the campus than usual: mainly the cirulcation of forklift trucks, quads and GATOR vehicles on-campus. Therefore above-ground parking will be prohibited in several places - more info below. (Limited) noise nuisance is possible during this period. The preparations will take place between 9 am and 6 pm. If possible, they are planned during the course-free week from 1 to 7 February, so that the inconvenience during the first week of the 2nd semester is as limited as possible.

  • Most preparations will take place during the course-free week (1 to 7 February). Limited build-up work is also planned for 9, 11 and 12 February. The largest impact is expected on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 February 2021. At those times, the campus will be largely closed to motorised traffic. 
  • On Sunday 14 February, the day of the event, the area is not accessible. This also applies to buildings within this zone, which will be closed off with Heras fencing. Boulevard de la Plaine will be closed to all traffic. Some noise nuisance is to be expected on the campus. 
  • Dismantling will take place in the days following the activity and will be completed by Thursday 18/2/2021 at the latest. Afterwards, it will be decided where site repairs are needed. 

Due to the current corona situation, this will be a light edition, not comparable with the mass event of the last 2 years. As a result, the logistical organisation will be of a smaller scale.

We do ask you to respect all access and parking regulations and not to come to the campus on Sunday 14 February as the Brussels Universities Cyclocross is not open to the public. 

Detailed planning

  • As from 2 February: Delivery of materials to logistics zone of rector's office building. Uncovered parking is prohibited in various places.
  • 2 to 7 February: Construction of the circuit by means of poles and nadar fences. Placing Heras fences around the area.
  • 9 February: Installation of camera stands for live broadcast
  • 11 - 12 - 13 February: Finalising the circuit. Set-up of visibility materials. Installing start and finish arches. Placing of signalisation. 
  • 13 February: Arrival of TV-cars, sound testing, placement of stage truck, ... No entry or exit possible from various car parks. 
  • 14 February: Cyclocross day . Boulevard de la Plaine closed from 6 a.m., campus largely pedestrianised from 7 a.m.
  • 15 to 18 February : Dismantling, cleaning up and collecting deliveries to logistics zone, rector's office building.

Red zones: open-air parking is prohibited from 24/12 until 10/1. Please park your car in the sheltered car parks. Purple zones: parking prohibited on 4 and 5/1, except in the car parks described on the right of this image.

Traffic, parking and access to the campus by car:

  • From Monday 1/2 to Thursday 18/2:

Outdoor parking on the campus is prohibited except in the parking areas next to buildings L, K, XY and Z. 

Park your car in the parking garages! Incorrectly parked cars will be towed away. 

  • On Saturday, 13 and Sunday, 14 February:

No entrance to or exit from the parking garages of the C, D, E, F, G and Q and the Braembuilding (building M, rectorate) will be possible on 13 and 14 February. We kindly request that you remove your car from these garages if you need it during the weekend. 

  • On February 14:

      Boulevard de la Plaine will be closed to all traffic.

Access to and parking on the campus will not possible, except for the building XY car park, subject to availability


If a parking spot on-campus during the weekend of February 13 & 14, is absolutely necessary because of reasons related to work or study, please contact us via cyclocross@vub.be


  • Deliveries to the campus on Sunday, 14 January are not possible.
  • Deliveries on Saturday, 13 January are strongly discouraged and are  due to matters of urgency. Contact the project manager to find an alternative solution where necessary.
  • For all other times, no or limited disruption to deliveries are predicted due to this event.

Access to the campus by foot:

  • Until Saturday 13 February and from Monday 15 February onwards, the entire campus will be accessible on foot and buildings are accessible according to the current modalities & opening hours. Heras and nadar fences are already placed on the campus, but the passages remain open.
  • On Sunday 14 February, the area around the cross circuit will only be accessible to people working on the organisation of this activity. This zone will be closed with heras fencing. Buildings B, C, D, E, F, G, M, Q, the restaurant, the tent and the containers will not be accessible.

Anyone who, for reasons related to work or study, must absolutely enter this area on 14 February should contact us via cyclocross@vub.be. We will discuss the possibilities.

All other buildings and student rooms remain accessible. Access to the campus is possible via the entrances on the side of the Generaal Jacqueslaan and the Triomflaan. Boulevard the la Plaine is closed to traffic and the entrances on this side will be closed. 


Building access:

Until Saturday 13 February and from Monday 15 February onwards, VUB buildings are accessible according to the current modalities & opening hours.

On Sunday, 14 February, the following buildings will not be accessible. 

  • Braembuilding (building M, rectorate)
  • Building R (restaurant, cafeteria, lounge)
  • Buildings B, C, D, E, F, G, Q
  • Containers next to building B
  • Tent

In exceptional cases, staff, students or suppliers may access the aforementioned buildings on Sunday, 14 February; this may include, for instance, in the context of their academic work.

This must be requested in advance. Please contact us beforehand by email.

Access to the student rooms:

  • On campus:

XY student rooms on campus will remain accessible at all times. There  may be limited noise pollution during the activity on 14 February. 

  • U-residence:

U-residence rooms will remain accessible at all times via Géneral Jacqueslaan. There  may be limited noise pollution during the activity on 14 February. 

Access to sports facilities:

The sports facilities remain accessible throughout the event’s construction, happening and dismantlement. We kindly request that you avoid coming by car.

Access to student association's rooms

During the event, the following buildings will not be accessible. 

  • Braembuilding (building M, rectorate)
  • Building R (restaurant, cafeteria, lounge)
  • Buildings B, C, D, E, F, G, Q
  • Containers next to building B
  • Tent

This means that on Sunday,  14 February, the facilities for student associations at these locations will be inaccessible.

When people think about sports, often their thoughts immediately turn to physical performance and remain fixed there. However, sports covers so much more than that!

To perform over and above the rest, it's not just elite sports training in the field of sports that's required. Elite sports also requires policy makers, dieticians, psychologists, economists, engineers, lab technicians, etc. This subject is also the focus of study for several professors at the VUB. An overview has been provided below.

Sports Medicine

Sports cardiology and the treatment of repetitive strain injuries are two important but very different fields in sports medicine. Sports cardiology primarily involves detection of potential underlying heart conditions, which cause (or may cause) complaints during and after sports.

Sports and exercise are and remain incredibly healthy activities; however, they are occasionally accompanied by knee, shoulder, Achilles tendon, lower back pain, etc. This can often be attributed to repetitive, incorrect movements during exercise, which result in chronic, repetitive strain injuries.

Dr Frank Pauwels is a clinical staff member of the sports medicine department and works closely with the departments of Cardiology and the Heart Rhythm Management Centre for cardiovascular disorders and with the departments of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy with regard to chronic repetitive strain injuries.

Dr. Frank Pauwels         


T: +32 2 477 60 09

E: frank.pauwels@uzbrussel.be


Luk Buyse                        

Sportgeneeskunde ,diabetes, Sport

T: +32 2 629 22 22

E: Luk.Buyse@vub.be


Guido Van Gent             

Sportarts, Voorbereiding marathon

T: 32 477 69 35 29

E: guido.van.gent@vub.be




Johnny Maeschalck      

Sportrecht, doping, Contracten

Publicaties als “Sportrecht in Beweging”, “Sportcodex”, “Sportrechtspraak” en voor atleten: “Je rechten als sportbeoefenaar”

T: +32 2 629 27 28

E: Johnny.Maeschalck@vub.ac.be          




Peter     Vaes                   

Spier- en gewrichtsaandoeningen, Revalidatiegeneeskunde, kinesitherapie, Kraken, Rug- en nekklachten, Chronische pijn

E: pvaes@vub.ac.be      



Sport - psychische beleving

Paul Wylleman              

Sportpsycholoog, Werkt oa voor Nederlands Olympisch Comité

M: +32 478 92 84 94

T: +31 6 1244 06 02

E: Paul.wylleman@vub.be



Sport - Fysieke beleving

Romain Meeusen          

Topsporttraining, uithoudingsvermogen

M: +32 476 40 31 17

T: +32 2 629 27 32

E: romain.meeusen@vub.be



Sport en Voeding

Peter Clarys                     

Voeding en topsport

M: +32 472 60 63 07

E: peter.clarys@vub.be



Topsport en maatschappij

Veerle De Bosscher       

Medaillespiegels, houding van bevolking tegenover topsport, sportmanagement, topsportstatuut

Sport and Society Research Group (SASO)

M: +32 486 52 60 60        

E: veerle.de.bosscher@vub.ac.be


Jens De Rycke                 

PhD Sport en ethiek – elitesporters als voorbeeldfunctie voor jongeren Maatschappij en sport

SASO, Sport and Society onderzoeksgroep aan de VUB

M : +32 479 51 51 43

E: jens.de.rycke@vub.be


Marc Theeboom            

Jeugd en sport, sportbeleid, maatschappij en sport

M: +32 477 26 18 84

E: marc.theebom@vub.be



Sport en economie

Bruno Heyndels

Micro-economie economische analyse van sport cultuur politiek

M: +32 478 25 62 81

E: bruno.heyndels@vub.be


Jos Verschueren             

Director Sport Management and Sport Business epartment of Movement and Founder of the Sport Management Knowledge Centre at the VUB and Founder of the International Football Business Institute (www.ifbi.brussels)


M: +32 477 39 12 32

E: jos.verschueren@vub.be


Marc Van den Bossche

Sportfilosoof, sportcultuur

T: +32 2 629 13 83

E: marc.van.den.bossche@vub.be



Sportmaterialen – fietssport

Iris De Graeve                 

Corrosie van materialen

T: +32-2-629 34 82

E: idgraeve@vub.be


Hubert Rahier

Non-traditional cements, Electrospun nanofibers, Hybrid materials, Production of nanoparticles, Self healing of polymers and concrete

T: +32 2 629 32 82

E: hrahier@vub.be  


Herman Terryn

Metalen, Corrosie, Chemische oppervlakte behandeling, zelfheldende materialen, asfalt, elektrochemie

T: +32 2 629 35 37

E: Herman.Terryn@vub.be


Danny Van Hemelrijck 

Mechanica van materialen-vloeistoffen-constructies, materiaalkunde, Spanningsanalyse

T:  +32 2 629 29 29

E: Danny.Van.Hemelrijck@vub.be


Jan Wastiels

Vubonite, Mechanica van materialen

T: +32-2-6292961

E: Jan.Wastiels@vub.be

Order your VUB cross box !

In previous editions, VUB and ULB students, staff members and alumni were given free access to this event. Due to the corona situation, audience is not allowed during professional sports competitions, including the Brussels Universities Cyclocross. A similar campaign with free tickets is therefore out of the question. 

However, we’re bringing the unique atmosphere of the race direct to the living rooms of our cross-loving VUB community. All you have to do is order the free VUB surprise boxes (limited availability!) – containing all kinds of gadgets and surprises for the ultimate cross experience at home – and follow the VUB Facebook event page so you can join the community to share your commentary on the cross.

We hope to see you again next year on-campus, to cheer for your favourite cyclocross participant!