When can you go on exchange during your studies?

You can go on an exchange for your master thesis experiments in 2nd master (mid February-mid May).

Conditions to go on exchange

You need to:

  • Have a bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Have passed the first master in the June examination period.

How to apply for an exchange?

Generally, exchanges are only allowed to the universities with whom there is a bilateral agreement.

For these exchanges, your exchange coordinator Prof. dr. Debby Mangelings should be contacted before March 10th in the academic year before your exchange. After your nomination, you need to set up a learning agreement in correspondence with the exchange coordinator.

When you want to go to a different destination, you need to find a host lab yourself. The only prerequisite is that the university should have a Pharmacy programme. In this case it is recommended to contact the exchange coordinator well in advance (preferably in 3rd bachelor) to discuss the possibilities.

Exchange coordinator

Prof. dr. Debby Mangelings