Prof. Hugo Thienpont

Connecting academia and society

Since Vrije Universiteit Brussel initiated its Fellowship programme with five Solvay Fellows in 2012, the VUB Fellowship not only has had a significant impact, it definitely has changed our university. Our Fellows have improved the quality of our research and our education, the employability of our graduates and our overall capacity for innovation and competitiveness.

Through the VUB Fellowship Programme, all who are involved discuss joint challenges, exchange experiences, share good practices and learn from one another for the benefit of research, innovation, academic education and society in general.

Vicerector Hugo Thienpont

University Fellowship Coordinator

Our mission

VUB fosters a network of Fellows who connect academia with society. The interactions arising from this are of huge benefit for education, research and policy. The VUB Fellows are a diverse network of dedicated experts and leaders in their field who commit selflessly to the university and UZ Brussel. Thanks to their commitment, VUB can continue to evolve as an open institution connected with society and the business community.

Our vision

To create a network of privileged VUB ambassadors who continue to challenge and inspire the university and UZ Brussel, and help to propagate the ideology of VUB as a progressive institution of independent research and critical thinking.

Diversity creates opportunity

Our Fellows range from business leaders, social entrepreneurs, community activists, researchers, scientists to artists and athletes. All of them share a strong belief in cultural diversity and gender equality. Together they create an inclusive leadership network. After creating opportunities for the VUB for a timespan of 3 years, the Fellows can obtain the title of Honorary Fellow and continue their engagement.

Discover the VUB Fellows of 2020-2021 in this e-brochure.
Listen to the podcast with VUB Fellow Ozark Henry.
The execution of VUB guest lecturer Djalali has been postponed. #SaveAhmadreza
Honorary Fellow Karsten De Clerck is the new chairman of the VUB.

Discover a thriving community

Our Fellows host the annual Fellowship Networking. Held at a different corporate location every year, a Fellow invites the entire Fellowship family to exchange ideas and connect. Opportunities, both for the VUB and its Fellows are born.

On the last Fellowship Networking on November 26th, Honorary Fellow Jean-Marie Solvay gave the Fellows a unique insight into the history of the International Solvay Institutes. Click here for the photo album on flickr.

Our Fellows create societal impact

The ideas, initiatives and ventures created by our Fellows foster growth for people and business. Find out how our network stimulates innovation, sustainability and progress.

Success is measured in human stories. Discover our Fellowship e-brochure. (Dutch)
Fellowship Coordinator
Hanan Belaraj

Phone number
+32-2-629 1183

University Fellowship Manager
Isabelle Marneffe

Phone number
+32-2-629 1542