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The application website is not compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend using the browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Still having problems? Open the application website in a private or incognito window.

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There are 7 steps to follow. You can break off the process at any time, and continue later by logging in with your personal account. You application is only official once you click 'submit' in the final step.

The application process is different for students with a

Belgian diploma
Foreign diploma

Create an account

Create an account

Log in to the Student SelfService.

New students create a new account on the Student SelfService to start their application. If you've been a VUB student before, but not in the previous academic year, it's best to create a new account with a different e-mail address.

If you were already a student during the previous academic year
Find out how to re-enrol

Select 'create new account'. Fill in your e-mail address and choose a password. This e-mail address will be your temporary username. Use this login to check on your application status or make changes.

You will get an e-mail confirming the creation of your account. But be aware, this is not confirmation that you submitted your application. You need to actually go through all the steps and submit your application (see last step), after which you will receive another confirmation e-mail. 

Check the 'I'm not a robot' box and click 'next step'.

Personal details

Personal details

Only for new students

The contact information you enter here will be used for all VUB communication. You can fill these out manually or use, if possible, your Belgian e-ID (digital ID card) by clicking 'use digital eID' in the top right corner.
Instructions to apply with a Belgian eID

Fill our your full name as stated on your ID card or passport. Need a student visa? Then select 'other' under Citizenship status.

If you have any trouble entering your bank account number you can leave this blanc and send us the correct information via e-mail. International students may leave this open.

You can only indicate a Belgian address if you have a Belgian national ID number. If you don't have this, you enter an address in your home country. You can also provide us with the correct address via e-mail after your application.

Click 'create account'.

Prior education

Step 1 and 2: Welcome and secondary education

Did you apply with your eID? Then any Flemish education you finished after the year 2000 will be automatically filled in. 

If there's a magnifying glass available, click on it to select the right option. Do you already have a higher education diploma? Then make sure to check the box.

Always use your school's postal code, it might have changed names since you attended. Can't find your school? Just fill out something else and let us know the correct information via e-mail.

Graduated from the exam commission or adult education? Indicate that you graduated in a 'foreign country' and select 'Belgium'. Then you will be able to select the correct institution.

Under 'Stream' you should fill out the exact diploma name.

Click 'next step'.

Higher education

Step 3: Higher education

If you checked the box 'higher education' in step 2, you'll be able to insert your previous study trajectory in higher education here. If you've only finished high school, you don't need to check this box.

Always enter the postal code of the head office of your school, which might differ from the campus you attended. Can't find your programme or school? Fill out something else and let us know the correct information via e-mail.

Do you have multiple diplomas? Click '+' to add them. Please only mention degrees you've obtained. Obtained credits don't count.

Always use the magnifying glasses to select the right option. Can't find your exact diploma? Fill out something else and let us know the correct information via e-mail.

Social services

Step 4: Social services

The part 'scholarship' is meant for students requesting a scholarship of the Flemish Community. Only students with the Belgian nationality can request this. International students must leave this open.

By ticking the checkbox you do not apply for a scholarship of the Flemish Community, you have to do that yourself separately.
Request scholarship

You can also request extra facilities such as student housing or the top sports status. Requesting a room is part of this application, you can't do this separately. If you want to request a room after you've submitted this application, you'll have to submit a new application.
Manual VUB housing application Request top sports status 

Programme selection

Step 5: Programme selection

Select the programme of your choice. 
Check the programme codes for English-taught programmes, so you don't accidentally apply for a Dutch programme.

Scholarship programme: Please leave this section blank. If you receive a scholarship other than the one from the Flemish government, please let us know.

If you select evening classes, you will only be able to select a programme offered in the evening (much smaller selection of programmes). BEV / OVV are meant for working students who will apply for paid educational leave with their Belgian employer.

  • If you're applying for Paid Educational Leave (BEV), fill in the form with your request. Select 'evening of weekend classes' and continue your selection.
  • If you're applying for Flemish Training Leave (VOV), make sure to e-mail us this completed form.
  • International students who require a student visa must take up a full-time course load and therefore apply for day classes.
  • Guest students need a filled out form to apply. Under 'guest student' you may leave it at 'not applicable'. 
Choice of programme

International students who require a student visa need to take up a full-time course load.

Can't find the programme you're looking for? Choose the first option: ‘Show the complete list of VUB courses. I am registering based on my file’. You should be able to select any programme we offer.

All programmes ending with (NL) are programmes solely taught in Dutch. All other programmes are taught in English.
Check language requirements

Applying for a micro-credential? Select 'Permanent training' and all study options will appear.

Document checklist

Step 6: Documents

This is where you upload the documents required for your application.
Where to upload which document?

  • We need a recent picture for your student card. Without this, you won't receive an enrolment certificate or student card.
  • If you wish to upload multiple documents under 1 category, combine them into 1 pdf file first.
  • Only documents in PDF or JPEG format are accepted. These files should be smaller than 2 MB.
  • Are you in your final year? Upload your transcript of records and a registration certificate instead.
  • Check your programme requirements to see if you should upload extra documents such as recommendation letters.

Uploading or sending in document at a later time

Confirm programme

Step 7: Confirm programme

Click the icon with the green check mark to submit your application and click 'confirm'. Make sure you get the message 'Application submitted' and click 'ok'.

If you've applied for the wrong programme, click the bin-icon (trash can) to delete your application and start over.

As long as you don't submit your application, you can still make changes or complete it at a later time. The application process continues as soon as you submit your application.

Once you have correctly submitted your application, you will receive an e-mail to confirm this. Within a few working days you will receive status updates of your application, and/or further instruction.


No computer or internet available to apply online?

Contact Student Administration

Am I an EEA or non-EEA student?

That depends on your citizenship.
Overview of EEA countries

Can I defer my acceptance to next academic year?

No, you will have to apply again for next academic year if you wish to start then. 

Can I get an unconditional acceptance letter?

No, we only offer conditional acceptance letters, usually because we still need to verify your (foreign) diploma, but sometimes there are other conditions. It is however possible to request your visa with this conditional letter. 

Can I start in the second semester (February)?

There is no second semester intake for international students, only for Belgian students.
Starting in the 2nd semester

Need help?

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