Departments and research groups

Our Faculty organises its core tasks in the field of education and research through 7 departments, each comprising a number of research groups. Get to know them all below.

Our departments

Department of Bioscience Engineering

Department Chair: Prof. Dr. Dominique Maes
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Department of Biology

Department Chair: Prof. Dr. Luc Leyns
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Department of Chemistry

Department Chair: Prof. Dr. Frederik Tielens
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Department of Computer Science

Department Chair: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang De Meuter
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Department of Physics

Department Chair: Prof. Dr. Alexander Sevrin
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Department of Geography

Department Chair: Prof. Dr. Matthieu Kervyn De Meerendre
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Department of Mathematics and Data Science  

Department Chair: Prof. Dr. Kenny De Commer
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What's the difference between a department and a research group?

A Faculty consists of several departments. Each department within a Faculty is responsible for the educational and research activities within their specialisation.

Within each of these departments one or more research groups are active. These groups consist of an international team of researchers who are fully committed to socially relevant research within their specialisation. In this way, the educational offer can be permanently adapted to the latest scientific evolutions.

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