VUB Honorary Fellows

The aim of the VUB Fellowship programme is to act as a platform where academics and the worlds of society and business meet. Here we can discuss joint challenges, exchange experiences, share good practices, and learn from one another for the benefit of research, academic education, and society in general.

We firmly believe that the VUB Fellowship programme can, as such, become a main vector to further improve the quality of our education, foster the employability of our graduates, stimulate research, and improve our overall capacity for innovation and competitiveness, resulting in better service to our society.

We are proud to have 6 VUB Honorary Fellows that bridge the gap between Academia and Society. Together with the Fellow community, we are now continuing our efforts for the university of the future, and focus our attention on the realisation of VUB 2020.

Prof. Hugo Thienpont
University Fellowship Coordinator

University Fellowship Coordinator
Prof. dr. ir. Hugo Thienpont