The Faculty of Science and Bio-engineering is particularly proud of its current and past Fellows. After all, the faculty is striving for excellence in the "holy trinity" of the university's mission: teaching, research and community service. The appointed Fellows embody at least two or all of these aspects in an excellent manner.

The exceptional social and scientific merits of the WE-Fellows also form a clear illustration of the great intellectual and social wealth of the network that the faculty WE managed to create together with its students and alumni. The list of appointed Fellows further illustrates the wide diversity of career opportunities both nationally and internationally, in both industry and government, which the faculty provides to its students through its various courses. The faculty therefore particularly sees its Fellows as inspirational role models whose careers are mirrored to its students, among others by involving the Fellows in all major events (Solemn graduation ceremony, the Wiskunnend Wiske contest, ... ) which are organized by the faculty.

The Fellowship policy of the Faculty is therefore focused on a continuous use of scientific excellence and great social merit as the main criteria for the selection of its future Fellows, along with illustrating the versatility and great career opportunities of the courses it offers.



Faculty Fellowship Coordinator
Dominique Maes