The Chair Asia-Pacific Studies has been established in order to enhance the understanding of developments in the Asia-Pacific region and to promote collaboration between Europe and countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Aviation Education Foundation, as the sponsor of the Chair Asia-Pacific Studies, has stated that it envisages this Chair as a platform for organising activities to foster mutual understanding between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, and to cultivate cooperation between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in the areas of education, economics, trade and business. The Chair will strengthen European understanding of Asia-Pacific cultures and values and will promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law in the Asia-Pacific.

Furthermore, the work of the Chair is intended to advance regional stability, peace, security and prosperity, to foster networking and cooperation among countries in the region, to further good governance in the region and to learn from European development models and experiences.


The Chair Asia-Pacific Studies intends to develop a strong network of research institutes and think tanks to support the activities of the Chair. These include collaborative research as well as outreach, dissemination and some educational activities.

The Chair Asia-Pacific Studies intends to serve as a knowledge hub on the Asia-Pacific region and will make this knowledge available to the academic and business community.

Within VUB, the Chair is being established at the instigation of the Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA) and is being developed in collaboration with the Centre for Private & Economic Law at the Faculty of Law & Criminology (PREC). Regional studies fit well within the purview of a diplomatic academy. Within the development of the programme for diplomatic and consular studies, there is a particular interest in regional politics and economic integration, as well as European and Asian relations.

The BDA intends to strengthen its role as a platform for interaction, discussion and collaboration between the various disciplines across Faculty boundaries. It therefore welcomes interest in the Chair from other Faculty members and researchers and will make an effort to include outreach activities and facilitate collaborative research.


Aviation Education Foundation

Holder of the Chair: prof. dr. Kim Van der Borght

Prof. dr. Kim Van der Borght is professor of International Economic Law & Diplomacy at the Faculty of Law & Criminology and at the Brussels Diplomatic Academy. He previously held positions at the University of Hull (UK) and the University of Westminster (UK). He has held a visiting position or has given guest lectures at the Brussels School of International Studies (University of Kent at Canterbury), Columbia University Law School, Shanghai University, Tongji University, Hainan Institute for Reform and Development, Hainan University, Xiamen University, University of Georgia, City University of Hong Kong, Kansas University, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Moscow State University, University of Catanzaro, University of East London, Birzeit University, Gaeddu College of Business Studies, Royal University of Bhutan, Indian Law Society’s Law College (ILS) (Pune, India) and Bhartiya Vidyapeeth New Law College (Pune, India).

Co-director of the Chair: ​​​​​​​prof. dr. Wan-li Wang

Prof. dr. Wan-li Wang holds a doctorate in political science from the KU Leuven. He has lectured at the University of Warsaw and Bogdan Janski’s University (Poland) as well as National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, Tamkang University, Chinese Cultural University and Ming Chuan University (Taiwan). He is a retired senior diplomat and wants to make his expertise and experience available to the Brussels Diplomatic Academy and the Chair Asia-Pacific Studies. He is personally committed to contributing to the operations and further development of the Chair by offering his assistance in developing a relevant network for the Chair and by sharing his knowledge and experience for research and teaching purposes.