The VUB Resto can once again adorn itself with the GOOD FOOD label for three years. This label is awarded by Bruxelles Environnement to commercial kitchens that make an effort to offer sustainable food. As in 2017, the VUB Resto took two of the three forks. This means that it not only meets all the compulsory criteria of the label, but also a number of optional criteria. 

In short, the GOOD FOOD label means that the VUB Resto strives to offer its customers tasty, varied and healthy food produced locally with attention to the environment, animal welfare and good working conditions. It already did so in 2017, when it was awarded the GOOD FOOD label for the first time. 

Does that mean the VUB has not made any extra efforts in recent years? Not at all: a canteen must continue to evolve in order to maintain the same number of forks. So without further changes compared to previous years, you lose a fork.

The VUB Resto has taken several new initiatives since 2017. For example, Billie Cup was implemented as an alternative to the disposable cup. This change means a saving of 40,000 disposable cups per year. The range of vegetables was further expanded, something visitors could discover free of charge through the tasting sessions during Ethics Week. Work was done to increase awareness of seasonal vegetables and balanced eating, with the use of the nudging and communication materials of the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living. 

Meanwhile, the resto team keeps on following workshops, weighing plate scraps and collaborating with students investigating scenarios in research assignments, all as part of the fight against food waste. 

For its part, the GreenTeam gauged the general satisfaction with the resto: the supply, the taste and quality of the food, the atmosphere in the resto as well as the waiting times. Within the framework of the Good Food label, specific questions were also asked about the perception of the more sustainable alternatives, i.e. the vegetarian and vegan offerings as well as the sustainable fish on offer. 

The results of the survey showed that some 71% of the visitors are satisfied or very satisfied with the taste of the food. Sustainable products are also appreciated; 60% are satisfied to very satisfied with vegan products in particular. Very positive is that about 80% are satisfied with the quality of the meals, and that this high level of satisfaction also applies to the supply itself - including the sandwiches on offer. Of the latter, vegetarian and vegan sandwiches are especially appreciated: no less than 78.4% of consumers are satisfied or very satisfied with the taste.

The awarding of the GOOD FOOD label for the second time obviously does not mean that the sustainability of the resto stops. The GreenTeam therefore invites anyone who has an idea for this to email What is keeping you?