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A Short History of European Law: The Last Two and a Half Millenia

Prof. Dr. Tamar Herzog, Monroe Gutman Professor of Latin American Affairs, Harvard University

Organised by the Interdisciplinary Studies of Law Department. Introduced by Prof. Dr. Laurent de Sutter.

A Short History of European Law, Tamar Herzog’s new, best-selling, monograph, she brings to life 2,500 years of legal history, tying current norms to the circumstances of their conception. Tamar Herzog describes how successive legal systems built upon one another, from ancient times through the European Union. Roman law formed the backbone of each configuration, though the way it was used and reshaped varied dramatically from one century and place to the next. Only by considering Continental civil law and English common law together do we see how they drew from and enriched this shared tradition. An unconventional reading of European Law seen from the other side of the Atlantic, A Short History of European Law is by no mean a mere introduction. It rather offers a radical reenactment and redistribution of the received narratives about what law was and still is in Europe.

Free entrance, no registration required.