De Faculteit Recht en Criminologie en in het bijzonder de onderzoeksgroepen LSTS en CRiS en de onderzoeksgroep SMIT, richtten in samenwerking met de vzw Privacy Salon de tijdelijke leerstoel “Chair in Surveillance Studies” op.


De leerstoel heeft als doelstellingen:

  • het stimuleren en bevorderen van interdisciplinair onderzoek in surveillance studies
  • de bevordering van de samenwerking en uitwisseling van onderzoekers binnen verscheidene onderzoeksgroepen van de VUB, andere onderzoeksgroepen die actief zijn in surveillance studies en onderzoekers over de hele wereld
  • het creëren van een internationaal kenniscentrum over surveillance in België. Het objectief op termijn is ook een interfacultaire onderzoeksgroep op te richten.


Privacy Salon is een vzw die actief is binnen het domein van privacy, databescherming en andere sociale en ethische kwesties die gepaard gaan met de introductie van nieuwe technologieën in de samenleving.

Leerstoelhouder: prof. dr. Serge Gutwirth


  • Privacy
  • Veiligheid
  • Data protection

Academisch coördinator: dr. Rosamunde Van Brakel


  • Predictive Policing
  • Gebruik van big data
  • Artificiële intelligentie
  • Algoritmen in kader van misdaadpreventie
  • Profiling
  • Surveillance
  • (slim) cameratoezicht


2019 - 2021


Within the VUB, Privacy Salon provides the funding for a Chair in surveillance studies to stimulate and advance research in surveillance studies, promoting collaboration and exchange of researchers within the VUB and between the VUB and other surveillance studies research groups and researchers around the world and by doing so creating an international knowledge hub on surveillance in Belgium. This Chair is named Chair in Surveillance Studies.

The amount which Privacy Salon has made available to VUB will be used to support and carry out research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) within the following faculties/research groups:

  • Research group LSTS (Law, Science, Technology and Society)
  • Research group CRiS (Crime and Society)
  • Research group SMIT (Studies in Media, Innovation and Technology)


The activities of and within the context of the Chair include: Conduct and promote original interdisciplinary scientific research on surveillance and dissemination of the research through publications (books, scientific articles, policy briefs and reports) and participation in international conferences, policy events, scientific and expert networks, exploring the possibilities for setting up an interfaculty research group and a interfaculty elective MA course, establish a seminar series in surveillance studies, contribute to science communication of scientific research on surveillance.


Privacy Salon vzw aims at sensibilising and critically informing the broader public, policy makers and industry in Belgium, Europe and beyond about privacy, data protection and other social and ethical issues that are raised with the introduction of new technologies in society.

Chairholder: prof. dr. Serge Gutwirth

Serge Gutwirth is Professor at the Faculty of Law and Criminology of the VUB, where he studied law, criminology and also obtained a post-graduate degree in technology and science studies. He defended his PhD in law on the relationships between law and sciences on December 15, 1992. 

Academic coordinator: dr. Rosamunde Van Brakel

Dr. Rosamunde van Brakel is a post-doctoral researcher at the Law, Science, Technology & Society (LSTS) Research Group. In April 2018 she successfully defended her PhD Taming the Future? A Rhizomatic Analysis of the Unintended Consequences of Pre-emptive Surveillance of Children under supervision of Prof. Dr. Paul De Hert and Prof. Dr. Kristel Beyens. Her main research focuses on (the history of) crime control and surveillance.


2019 - 2021