Building XY - Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

Opening up the campus to the city

The number of students at the VUB is growing constantly. As a consequence we need more student homes, class rooms and a place for leisure and culture. The ambitious building project XY answers this need. It includes no less than 650 modern student homes. Its state of the art class rooms are equipped for new learning models. A new concert hall and exhibition room will act as a cultural epicentre on the campus.

Total surface of the building complex? 33 100 m².

With the new project, VUB will create added value for everyone visiting or staying at the campus. Its unique structure and location unlocks the campus and creates an open link between VUB and its surroundings. 


Project: XY Initiator: VUB
Costs: €55 million
Total surface: 33 100 m²
20 400 m² student housing
2 400 m² culture & leisure
3 500 m² education
6 800 m² underground parking



X-buildings Student homes

Building Y - KK - Exhibition room

Building Y with behind concert hall (building I)

Building I - 14 class rooms and auditoria



The innovative concept of the complex XY comes courtesy of Conix RDBM Architects. The winning design consists of an integrated and sustainable design that connects the campus with the city in different ways. The student houses are located on the Triomflaan and offer a view on the city and the campus. Colourful and playful accents on the facade emphasize the kitchens and living areas, visualizing and projecting the student life to the city. A green central boulevard runs through the heart of the XY complex.





Project XY offers: 



Techniques  supporting sustainability

The XY project will contribute to making a sustainable VUB campus. Several techniques are envisaged to obtain a maximum amount of sustainability and energy efficiency such as thermal solar panels, presence detectors, performant heating and cooling systems, rain water recuperation, ...

Preservation of our green campus

A lot of green is present on our Brussels Engineering, Sciences & Humanities Campus. We will preserve this as much as possible by making sure the different zones stay connected and opting for an open implantation of the buildings. The buildings are even placed further away from the street as to create extra green areas. A main boulevard wil create a green artery running from the Triomflaan to the heart of the campus. The green areas will be ecologically managed and the use of pesticides will be banned.

Impact on mobility

As of August 2015 entrance 6 is no longer available: 

  • Vehicles are advised to use entrance 13 on Pleinlaan
  • Pedestrians and bike-riders are advised to use entrance 7,8 (Triomflaan) and 9 (Generaal Jacqueslaan).

Here's an overview of the alternative routes to reach the Brussels Engineering, Sciences & Humanities Campus by car, on foot or by bike:

Download the plan (pdf)

Public transport is also a good alternative to reach the campus with a minimum of nuisance of the construction activities:

VUB offers fringe benefits to personel when using public transport. More information about fringe benefits and the use of public transport can be found here

Mobility changes

Entrance 6 at Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus is no longer available from August 2015.

  • Vehicles are advised to use entrance 13 (Pleinlaan)
  • Pedestrians and bicycles are advised to use entrance 7, 8, and 9

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Safety first

The yard is of project XY at Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

 is a restricted area! No unauthorized persons!

Noticed a dangerous or suspicious situation on the yard? Contact campus security at Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus:

02 629 21 76

Questions about the building and renovation projects at the VUB campuses? Contact us at infradesk@vub.ac.be.

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