The faculty of Physical education and Physiotherapy is a ‘faculty in motion’, i.e. a dynamic faculty with a focus on human movement and motion from different perspectives. Its main focus  is on health and healthy movement, with multidisciplinary approaches ranging from disturbed to high level sports performance.

The different departments of the faculty are involved in education and research related to human movement and health,  each of them from a different point of view and with a different background but with a common ground.  Human movements can be approached from a health maintenance and improvement point of view but also from reeducation and rehabilitation perspectives as well as from a management background. The different faculty members have gained expertise in all of these fields.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy has selected Fellows that completely fit these objectives, as each of them is ‘in motion’ too. Each of them has a different background and different profile, but all have a dedication to the faculty and its objectives. The LK-VUB-Fellows have clearly demonstrated to be managers ‘in motion’, as business people, as managers or directors, or as researchers they are all willing to support the faculty and create new opportunities with mutual benefits.

The faculty cherishes and embraces all of them and welcomes them to its community.

Faculty Fellowship Coordinator
Eric Cattrysse